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If your epididymis is abnormal, it will also affect the quality of sperm, liquefaction time, sperm quantity, etc., which may affect future fertility. ...[read article]

Epididymitis can be complicated by prostatitis, varicocele, endocrine diseases, and pyelonephritis, etc. Therefore, once diagnosed as testicular and epididymitis, active treatment is recommended. ...[read article]

In addition, if semen abnormalities is caused by genitourinary inflammation such as epididymitis, orchitis, or seminal vesiculitis, etc., men could suffer from infertility problem....[read article]

Occasional spermatorrhea has no impact on fertility, but if frequent spermatorrhea are accompanied by impotence, premature ejaculation, or sexual dysfunction, that's a problem....[read article]

After sperm maturation, it is often necessary to eliminate the in vitro combination with eggcells to form a fertilized egg through a spermatic tract. The epididymis is a necessary pathfor sperm. ...[read article]

Sedentary is an important factor in causing epididymitis, so men should try to avoid sedentary in their daily lives. So why does sedentary cause epididymitis?...[read article]

Due to the work category, Mr. Wang who is 45 has to take long drive. Many days ago, he takesthree days drive. When he comes back, he finds that his scrotum is painful. He also has the symptoms of chills, fever. ...[read article]

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Sharry" I was pain-free for the first time in years! I thank Dr. Lee for her research, which is going to be of immense use to "
Erica Degay" I had a lump on my left side that would develop after my period and get bigger at the end of ovulation. Now it's gone. "
Kamal Deep" I have great improvement. I used to have pain for almost 18 days a month bt after treatment it nw 5 days only. "
Steve Valinski" My case has seen a lot of improvement. I mean really I feel better. Pain had almost disappear. "
Rhoda Dillon" We want to thank you for everthing you have done. We sense in you a "doctor" in the "true sense" of the world. "

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