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Review of Epididymitis — What Tests Should be Done?
Epididymitis is a relatively common disease of the genitourinary system in men's clinical practice. It is very harmful to men's health because it decreases sperm vitality and can cause male infertility in severe cases.
The symptoms of epididymitis include lumps in the perineum, painful pressure, and local skin redness. Still, these symptoms can only initially indicate the tendency of epididymitis, and the confirmed diagnosis of epididymitis should be related to the examination of epididymitis.

1. Clinical symptoms. In the acute stage, sudden onset, redness, swelling, heat, and pain in the affected scrotum, swelling, and tenderness in the caudal part of the epididymis. 
2. Magnetic resonance examination. Epididymitis is diffuse or focal, and the signal of the epididymis on its T2-weighted image may be the same as or higher than that of the testis. If the patient's epididymitis is focal or diffuse, then MRI can further diagnose the condition. This method has a unique effect on diagnosing many diseases and is now commonly used in clinical practice.
3. Ultrasound examination. Chronic epididymitis is distinguished from epididymal tuberculosis by performing epididymal aspiration cytology. Through this method, the doctor can observe the extent of the patient's disease, which helps make a treatment plan.
4. Laboratory examination. The examination items of epididymitis are derived from many clinical examples, which are also worthy of your reference. The danger of epididymitis is serious, so patients should go to a regular male hospital for examination as early as possible when symptoms of epididymitis appear and then treat the symptoms. Patients can also do blood tests, blood leukocyte increases, urine routine regular or occasionally protein, or microscopic hematuria. The mumps has some damage to kidney function, and particular viruses can be detected in the urine.
In addition, men also need to care for self-examination by taking a hot bath first to loosen the scrotum to facilitate palpation of hard lumps and abnormalities. During the examination, stand on the feet and feel for lumps or other abnormalities. Normal testicles are oval, with smooth surface and medium hardness.
How can epididymitis be recognized as cured? 
1. The symptoms of pain disappear entirely. Patients with epididymitis will have symptoms of pain and cramping in the testicular area. As long as they insist on taking medication, the symptoms can be gradually reduced, but they cannot stop taking medication privately. They must wait until the pain has completely disappeared and go to the hospital for a review to confirm that there is no sign of inflammation and infection before they are completely cured.
2. There will be no more painful downward movement in the epididymis when jumping or walking. The more serious the symptoms of epididymitis are, the more serious the local swelling is, so when walking or exercising, there will be a feeling of falling and pain.
3. Patients no longer have abnormal urination performance. For example, the symptoms of frequent urination, painful urination, and difficulty in urination have entirely disappeared, which is also a manifestation of the cure of epididymitis.
4. Whether or not the epididymis is cured needs to be determined according to the formal examination results. After the patient feels that his condition has improved, he can go to the hospital for a scrotal ultrasound examination to confirm the diagnosis.
If men have epididymitis, they need to strengthen their medication, and patients can use the Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill for medicine. The pill can effectively treat epididymitis because it has good anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effects and can activate blood circulation and remove blood stasis. And after the cure, the recurrence rate of epididymitis is very low. Patients can also continue to use it after their condition is in remission until the treatment is confirmed and then stop using it.
Besides, it is also necessary to care about the daily care work. Patients should not eat spicy and hot food, seafood, and hairy food, smoke, and drink, keep a light diet, drink more water, and eat more fruits and vegetables. It can prevent the body from stimulating, rest more, and not overexert. So that patients can help epididymitis heal faster and resume a healthy life.
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