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Some Treatment Methods of Epididymitis- Antibiotics and Others
There are many medicines for the treatment of epididymitis in daily life. Some men will buy some antibiotics for themselves since they have epididymitis. Some antibiotic drugs for treatment are not suitable for patients' physical and mental health. When taking antibiotics, the patients should follow the doctor's advice. So what antibiotics can the patients use to cure epididymitis?
As far as the current drugs for the treatment of epididymitis are concerned, the most frequently used drugs are antibiotics. But it is quite difficult for patients to choose because antibiotics have too many categories.

Generally, third-generation cephalosporins and quinolone antibiotics are commonly used to treat genital tract infections. These antibiotic treatments include ceftriaxone, cefdinir, etc., or the levofloxacin treatment. But antibiotics alone are ineffective in treating epididymitis because the pathological changes after the acute phase of epididymitis result in local fibrosis of the epididymis and scarring that often prevents antibiotics from entering the epididymis tissue. Therefore, the treatment effect of antibiotics alone is not good enough. The treatment of bacteria-sensitive antibiotics is worth consideration, and the result will be better.
Based on taking antibiotics, there are other methods for treating epididymitis.
One is to take general treatment methods. In the acute stage, the patient should be bed-resting. The symptoms can be relieved by applying for scrotal support, and larger scrotal support with cotton pads is more comfortable when the patient uses it. Painkillers are feasible for patients with severe pain. Local hyperthermia can relieve symptoms and promote inflammation reduction. However, the premature use of hyperthermia can aggravate pain and risk the spread of infection. Therefore, it is advisable to apply local cold compresses with ice packs early. Sexual life and physical labor can aggravate the condition and thus should be avoided.
The second is to take special treatment methods. If the patient sees a doctor within 24 hours of the disease onset, infiltration of the spermatic cord above the testis with 1% procaine 20ml or lidocaine local anesthesia drug may completely relieve the disease. At the same time, the body temperature usually drops rapidly, and the pain can be completely disappeared. The inflammation of the mass can be absorbed within a few days; otherwise, it usually takes two to three weeks to absorb. If one injection can not fully achieve the purpose, another injection can be given the next day.
In addition to the above methods, the medical society highly recommends taking herbal medicine to treat epididymitis. Herbs take effect as they emphasize the organic combination of treatment and recovery. The use of herbal therapy is effective in adjusting the environment of the epididymis and its surrounding organs to restore the epididymis to a normal state. At the same time, the body's immunity is strengthened. 
For patients of epididymitis, Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, from Wuhan Dr. Lee's TCM Clinic, is an effective option for treatment. Diuretic Anti-inflammatory Pill helps epididymitis patients reduce inflammation and relieve pain, accelerate the repair of epididymal diseases, and promote healing.
In addition, patients in the treatment process should pay attention to the hygiene of their private parts, especially for men with excessive foreskin. The patients should control their sex life in daily life and not indulge in sexual desires. In hot weather, the patients should pay attention to wearing loose pants. The hot environment will increase the temperature of the genitals, which will affect the sperm production of patients with epididymitis, which will cause serious problems, including male infertility problems.
Male epididymitis is a disease that needs the patients to be heedful. Antibiotics can treat some diseases of the human body. Taking antibiotics to treat epididymitis is still very effective, but it is recommended to combine with other methods to speed up the treatment of the disease. It is hoped that the antibiotics and other methods mentioned above will help patients with epididymitis get rid of the disease.
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