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Is Epididymitis Completely Cured Once There is no Pain?
Epididymitis is a common male disease. It is closely related to inflammation of the reproductive system and urinary tract infection. The main symptoms of epididymitis are swelling and pain in the testicles, hard lumps, severe groin pain, and testicular congestion. In treating epididymitis, some patients think that as long as there is no pain, epididymitis is cured. But this is not the case.

Epididymitis without pain is not proof that the disease is cured. If patients want to determine whether epididymitis is gone, they must consider the following aspects:

1. Patients' related clinical symptoms disappear entirely, including scrotal swelling, pain, frequent urination, urgency, dysuria, etc.
2. The shape of the epididymis has returned to normal.
3. The epididymis has not been significantly enlarged, and the blood flow has returned to normal.
4. The white blood cells return to normal.
Therefore, after the pain disappears, patients still need to cooperate with the doctor to receive complete drug and surgical treatment to prevent them from taking it lightly and stopping the treatment casually, which may lead to the recurrence of epididymitis.

For recurrent epididymitis, the treatment time is longer. Fortunately, herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can eliminate symptoms and improve the immunity and self-healing ability, to prevent this disease from recurring again.
To prevent a recurrence, patients need to understand the cause of epididymitis to make prevention. 
What are the reasons for epididymitis?
1. Bacterial infection
The invasion of pathogenic bacteria is one of the leading causes of orchitis, such as E. coli, staphylococcus, etc. When these bacteria invade the urinary system, causing related urinary system inflammation, they will cause epididymitis when released from the vas deferens or the pathway of the lymphatic system.
2. Decreased immunity
When the body's immunity decreases, the local resistance to external stimuli decreases. Therefore epididymitis often occurs in the symptoms of mumps and tonsillitis. In the case of systemic infection, viruses and bacteria invade through the circulatory system to infect epididymis, causing epididymitis. If the autoimmunity is also insufficient at the time, the probability of suffering from epididymitis will be high.
3. Acute attack of other diseases
Epididymitis usually evolves into a chronic inflammatory disease. Due to various reasons, symptoms of epididymitis have not been wholly cured; or due to the acute attack of other conditions, the root of the disease always exists. The epididymitis caused by either will also recur, and it becomes chronic epididymitis in the long run.
Therefore, healthy males and patients who have experienced epididymitis should be vigilant to avoid epididymitis caused by the above conditions. To keep men healthy, prevent epididymitis patients from repeating the same mistakes and stay away from epididymitis, males need to pay attention to the following matters.
1. Keep clean and hygienic: Males should take clean and hygienic measures to prevent epididymitis caused by unclean factors or infection effectively. Moreover, they are methods to protect the epididymis from the root. In daily life, men generally do not clean their genitals every day. They can slightly increase the times of local cleanings to ensure that bacteria do not multiply.
2. Avoid premature sex: While many adolescents are too premature, male genital organs generally do not fully mature until 24. Therefore, early sexual activity can easily damage the reproductive organs, cause local dysfunction, and have a specific impact on the epididymis.
3. Avoid sexual indulgence: Appropriate married life is expected, as it can ensure males enjoy the body and mind and adjust the physical state. But if sexual activities are too frequent for a long time, the sexual function will decline due to the long-term congestion of the genital organs. In severe cases, infection and inflammation can also appear due to reducing resistance. In addition to epididymitis, it can also easily lead to prostate enlargement, infertility, and other diseases.
To prevent epididymitis from recurring, male patients should not take it lightly and stop treatment at will after the pain disappears. Instead, patients need to cooperate with doctors to complete the treatment, standardize healthy living habits, and say goodbye to epididymitis forever.
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