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Cure Criteria for Chronic Epididymitis
Chronic epididymitis is a chronic disease, and the treatment period is generally long. However, as chronic epididymitis is an inflammation, the treatment can succeed if it eliminates inflammation.

The criteria to determine chronic epididymitis is cured mainly include the following:
First, the relevant clinical symptoms of the patient have completely disappeared, including scrotal swelling, pain symptoms, frequent urination, urgency, dysuria and other symptoms.
Second, when the physical examination is performed to show that the shape of the epididymis has basically returned to normal.
Third, the color Doppler ultrasound shows that the epididymis is not significantly enlarged, and the blood flow returns to normal.
Fourth, the routine blood and urine tests show that the white blood cells return to normal.
What are the causes of chronic epididymitis in men? Current evidence shows that first, some infections (e.g., chlamydia) can directly lead to chronic epididymitis. Second, persistent acute infection can also be a cause of chronic epididymitis. Third, urinary tract infection can be a potential cause of chronic epididymitis.
The traditional treatment of chronic epididymitis uses antibiotics, pain relievers, and surgical drainage. Antibiotics and painkillers can relieve temporary pain and are more convenient to take. But the effect is not immediate, and it can cure only the symptoms rather than the root cause. The long-term use of antibiotics and painkillers will cause the pathogenic bacteria to develop drug resistance, and their side effects are also huge.
Many experts recommend taking herbal medicine as an alternative therapy considering the above situation. Patients can take Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill under strict control of diet and regular life conditions, which can significantly reduce the symptoms of chronic epididymitis to help patients say goodbye to the disease.
At the same time, the disease often coexists with urethritis and prostatitis. Since urethritis and prostatitis are infectious diseases that are difficult to treat, it directly increases the difficulty of recovery from epididymitis. Those who have chronic epididymitis repeatedly have to do vasectomy or epididymectomy, which brings great harm to patients.
To this end, patients need to find out the reasons for the continuous recurrence of chronic epididymitis to take corresponding measures to cure the disease.
1. Bacterial causes
As the recurrence reasons are complicated, the common bacteria resulting in chronic epididymitis are E. coli, staphylococcus, and streptococcus. Therefore, if the medication is misused or goes one-direction only, it will be ineffective and cause repeated epididymitis.
2. Bad habits
That is also the main reason for recurrent epididymitis. Mainly after the treatment of epididymitis, long-term drinking will lead to sequential expansion, which will also cause organ congestion and inflammation. In addition, the stimulation of nicotine and tar on blood vessels and nerves results in poor blood circulation, thereby aggravating the symptoms of congestion.
3. Informal treatment
Epididymitis is a pretty private disease for patients. Shameful about getting the disease, they are unwilling to go to the regular hospital for examination. However, the result may be worse if patients go to unqualified clinics, which leads to more complex treatment and epididymitis recurrence.
To cure epididymitis, even though the B-scan examination result has no problem and the body has no symptoms, the patient should still be vigilant in life to prevent the recurrence of chronic epididymitis.
1. Patients should improve their dietary structure and prevent high cholesterol foods. It is of specific significance to avoid the occurrence of chronic epididymitis by encouraging eating less meat with high cholesterol content such as pork, beef, and mutton and eating more meat with low cholesterol such as chicken and fish.
2. Patients should avoid eating spicy and stimulating food or drinking alcohol; avoid drinks or carbonated drinks containing caffeine.
3. Patients should maintain a regular life and keep bowel movements smooth.
4. Patients should practice mental conditioning. They should keep their mind comfortable, avoid overworking, participate in sports activities to strengthen their physique, prevent colds, and avoid delaying urination.
To sum up, with the understanding of the criteria of whether chronic epididymitis is cured, patients should pay more attention to the reasons for the recurrence of epididymitis, and take active measures to stay away from the disease.
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