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Will Epididymitis Persist?
Epididymitis will exist all the time without treatment. Epididymitis will not heal itself. Patients need to go to the regular hospital in time. Accept symptomatic treatment under the doctor's guidance so as not to delay the condition and affect the male fertility function.

Epididymitis is a common disease in young people. Once the resistance decreases, bacteria such as Escherichia coli and streptococcus will enter the vas deferens and retrograde into the epididymis, which will cause inflammation and make patients have different degrees of pain. Epididymitis is more likely to come after urethritis, seminal vesiculitis, prostatitis, and other diseases. Once patients discover epididymitis, they had better treat it actively. So, what are the symptoms of epididymitis?
Symptoms of epididymitis
Acute epididymitis is mainly caused by urinary tract infection, improper operation of urethral instruments, high-frequency urine, prostatectomy, and so on. Patients with acute epididymitis will have a sudden high fever, scrotal distension, pain, and sinking feeling. If there is usually lower abdominal drag pain when laboring and walking. The patient's epididymis and testis will feel swollen if the inflammation is relatively large. The boundary between epididymis and testis is not clear. The spermatic cord is thickened, and there is tenderness.
Chronic epididymitis is mainly caused by the failure to cure entirely in the acute phase. Most patients do not have a precise acute period, more secondary to chronic prostatitis. Patients often feel a dull, swelling, and falling pain in the scrotum, which will lug in the lower abdomen and groin. If patients have a physical examination, it can be found that epididymis and its surroundings have varying degrees of enlargement, hardening with mild tenderness.
Treatment of epididymitis 
If it is acute epididymitis, patients can choose antibiotics for 2-4 weeks, especially oral antibiotics. If oral drug effects are not apparent, they can select intravenous medications for 1-2 weeks. If the effect of antibiotic treatment is not apparent, surgical treatment can be chosen to cut and decompress the epididymis. The surgeon should avoid injury to the epididymal duct. 
For chronic epididymitis, most drugs' effects are not evident in this condition. Patients can apply penetration therapy locally with Neomycin and flavomycin. For epididymitis caused by repeated chronic prostatitis, patients can select vasectomy as a treatment. When symptoms are severe, epididymidectomy is considered.
Traditional Chinese medicine believes that epididymitis is epididymal clumps caused by cold dampness or heat-dampness caused by stagnant movement of Qi and blood. It is clinically divided into liver Qi stagnation and phlegm stasis mutual knot. The treatment mainly needs traditional Chinese medicine with the function of nourishing Qi and soothing the liver, resolving hard lumps, and moving Qi to relieve pain, and Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is available. Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory pill has the main effects of clearing heat and detoxifying, promoting blood circulation, reducing pain, removing stranguria sterilization, and eliminating inflammation and swelling. There will be no drug resistance in patients.
Patients with epididymitis should focus on rest, especially in bed, and hold up the scrotum to reduce pain. Avoid sitting for a long time. It is essential to adjust your attitude and keep a good mood. Do not overwork. Exercise to strengthen your body. Remember not to hold urine. Reduce the frequency of sexual life. For sick patients, if not abstinence, it can make engender reproductive organs engorged for a long time and go against the recovery of the disease. Patients are not recommended to have sexual life during their ill period, which also protects women.
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