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Excessive Sex May Lead to Epididymitis
Epididymitis is a common disease in young and middle-aged men. Many factors can cause this disease in life, and frequent sexual life may lead to epididymitis. If the sexual life is too frequent, the testicles will be damaged by an external force, leading to a scrotal, epididymal, and testicular hematoma, which will cause acute epididymitis after infection. Excessive masturbation will lead to epididymitis more easily. 

Bad sexual behavior, such as having sex with a partner at risk of sexually transmitted infections, not using condoms during sex, and having a history of sexually communicated diseases, can increase the risk of epididymitis via sexually transmitted infections.
Epididymitis is a common disease in young and strong men. When the immune system decreases, many pathogenic bacteria will enter the vas deferens and retrograde invade the epididymis to cause inflammation. People with spermatozoitis, urethritis, and prostatitis are more prone to the disease if they don’t cope properly. 
Therefore, patients need active treatment. Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can effectively treat seminal vesiculitis, urethritis, prostatitis, etc. And it also has a good effect on epididymitis. It acts on the whole urinary and reproductive system.
Besides, taking preventive measures and maintaining a healthy body by forming good habits is essential.
1. Reasonable and regular sex life
The study found that the risk of epididymitis is high with excessive couple life. The most important thing to prevent is to have a reasonable and regular sex life. The frequency is controlled according to your needs and physical conditions, which is the key to ensuring good health and having a sexual life to satisfy your needs.
Many people want to have sex when they have sexual impulses. It is easy to overdo it. Frequent sex life is not a good habit, increasing the risk of infection. In this way, the probability of prostatitis and epididymitis will increase. If you can know how to control, don’t over-frequent, and naturally ensure your health.
2. Enhance physical exercise
Young and strong men are prone to epididymitis. To prevent it, you should pay attention to the improvement of resistance because the immunity of the human body decreases, and pathogenic bacteria such as staphylococcus, streptococcus and E. coli are easy to enter the vas deferens, so you should prevent it by exercising more.
Exercise enhances resistance, and many people have poor health and get sick because of the lack of exercise. And taking more exercise not only can regulate the endocrine, improve blood circulation, and let the metabolism speed up. It can activate the immune cell function in the body so that the resistance can function normally. And in a state of strong immune capacity, these pathogenic bacteria are difficult to break through the barrier, naturally can effectively prevent disease.
3. Supplement sufficient nutrition
If men can do the proper diet, nutrition is provided promptly, and there is a preventive effect on the disease. Because many inflammatory diseases are mainly related to the decline in immunity, poor resistance but no nutrition to meet demand will be malnourished, and this situation becomes more and more serious. Over time, many types of diseases are prone to appear.
Therefore, it is essential to pay attention to the regularity of the diet, three meals promptly to provide the body with the necessary nutrients. Food should also be matched correctly, do not be excessively picky or partial, get enough vitamins, proteins, trace elements, and so on, natural resistance to play usually, in addition to epididymitis away, other diseases can also go around.
4. Quit smoking and drinking
It is recommended that men quit smoking and drinking in the prevention process to stay away from epididymitis. There are more than 3,000 tobacco ingredients, most of which are harmful to the body. In addition to the lungs being the first to be damaged, the blood vessels and nerves in other parts of the body will also be reduced to different degrees. 
Alcohol abuse is not only harmful to the liver but also stimulates the heart and stomach mucosa, and it has the risk of alcohol poisoning. And these harmful factors together will lower your resistance, thus making epididymitis easy to appear. If you understand the dangers of smoking and drinking in advance and do not smoke and drink, you can naturally prevent the disease better.
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