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Male Health: Prevent Epididymitis in These Six Aspects
The epididymis is the place where sperm live. Once epididymis has problems, sperm quality and vitality will be significantly affected and even lead to male infertility in severe cases. However, men can prevent and treat epididymitis. If you pay attention to some details in your life, you can effectively reduce the incidence of epididymitis.

How do men prevent epididymitis?
1. Do not hold urine
Nowadays, the pace of life is swift. Some men are even too busy to have time to eat. As a result, more and more men have the habit of holding their urine. However, holding back urine frequently impacts male health. It will not only affect the health of the prostate but also easily lead to infection. After an upward infection, it is easy to lead to epididymitis. Therefore, men should go to the toilet in time when they have a desire to urinate. Develop the good habit of not holding your urine.
2. Watch your clothes
To pursue fashion, some men will wear tight clothes and trousers. However, this wearing habit will also affect the health of the reproductive system and sometimes even cause epididymitis. Because the testes and epididymis adapt to a temperature slightly lower than the body temperature, if tight pants are worn frequently, the temperature of the private part will rise, which will hurt the testes and epididymis. In severe cases, it will even lead to the emergence of epididymitis, which will seriously affect the male reproductive function.
3. Develop good living habits
Irregular or chaotic sexual life, or unclean sexual life, may lead to male genital tract infection, increasing the probability of epididymitis. The pathogens causing genital tract infection include streptococcus, mycobacterium tuberculosis, virus, mycoplasma, chlamydia, trichomonas, etc. Therefore, men should have a regular sex life and keep a clean sex life.
4. Pay attention to personal hygiene
Men's private parts have many wrinkles. If not cleaned frequently, they will become a place for bacteria to breed. When these bacteria take the opportunity to enter men's bodies, they will lead to infection, including epididymitis. Therefore, men should clean their private parts every night and change their underwear frequently. Dry the washed underwear in the sun for at least 6 hours.
5. Quit smoking and drinking
The study found that men who smoke and drink for a long time are much more likely to suffer from andrological diseases than men who do not smoke and drink. Therefore, if you want to prevent epididymitis, you should first give up smoking and drinking and also avoid eating stimulating food and alcohol-containing food, such as pepper, mustard, etc. These substances will aggravate the inflammatory reaction in the body and increase the incidence of epididymitis.
6. Do more exercise
Regular exercise can improve the body's ability to resist diseases, thus preventing epididymitis. In addition, regular exercise can also make blood circulation more smooth, and improve the human body's metabolic speed, so that toxins and garbage in the body can be discharged from the body, reducing the incidence of various diseases.
If the patient is unfortunately infected with epididymitis, there is no need to worry too much. Epididymitis can be treated. Clinically, the most commonly used treatment of epididymitis is antibiotics. In the acute phase, intravenous antibiotics such as third-generation cephalosporins should be injected intravenously to control acute inflammation. Oral antibiotics should be used in the acute phase if the patient is no longer swollen or painful. If the symptoms persist, choose Dr. Lee's TCM Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill to get a cure.
To reduce the incidence of epididymitis, men should first develop the habit of not holding their urine, wearing loose and comfortable clothes, and creating good sexual habits. At the same time, men should also quit smoking and drinking and keep their privacy clean. Men should also wash their private parts before having sex, reducing the incidence of various andrological diseases and preventing their spouses from suffering from gynecological inflammation.
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