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4 Common Fruits that Are Beneficial for Epididymitis Treatment
In traditional Chinese medicine treatment, there is a treatment method: food therapy. It means that some diseases may not achieve the desired effect by medication alone. If a dietary treatment with food, the effect may be twice as effective.

So can epididymitis be treated by dietary therapy? What are the fruits that are good for epididymitis treatment? Fruits like lychee, dates, papaya, and mango can play an auxiliary role in the recovery of patients with epididymitis.

The specific role and consumption methods are as follows.
Traditional Chinese medicine believes that lychee can not only strengthen the spleen and produce fluid but also regulate qi and relieve pain. So epididymitis patients taking it is able to play the effect of reducing swelling and pain. And the lychee itself is rich in protein, glucose vitamins and other nutrients that can help patients replenish energy in time to replenish the body's missing nutrients. The vitamin C in the lychee can also help patients enhance immunity, so lychee is a good therapeutic fruit.
How to use: prepare 15 lychees, broken and fried with water once a day, two weeks to see results.
Red Dates
I'm sure you're no stranger to red dates. It is often used as a therapeutic medicine in traditional Chinese medicine because it is rich in nutrients. They are all beneficial to the human body, such as protein, vitamin A, vitamin C, organic acids, amino acids, etc., all of which can help people improve their immunity and strengthen their body's resistance. That's why it is called the 'king of all fruits.' Red dates have the effect of tonifying the spleen and stomach, nourishing the blood and calming the mind, and promoting the biochemical circulation of qi and blood.
How to use: red dates and wolfberry each take ten grams, add water together, and add rock sugar after five minutes. Drink it when rock sugar is boiled. It can be drunk as tea every day.
The carotenoids and vitamin C in papaya have antioxidant properties, which can eliminate toxic substances, help the body to repair tissues, and strengthen the immune system, especially the health function of papaya is particularly remarkable. Papaya is effective in soothing the meridians, removing fatigue, and relieving pain, affecting the recovery of patients with the disease.
How to use: Take out a 1000 ml capacity appliance, put 250 grams of papaya slices into it, add white wine and soak it for two weeks. Then you can start drinking it. Take it twice a day for two weeks to see the effect.
Mango is rich in nutrients that can effectively inhibit Escherichia coli, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, and Pseudomonas aeruginosa and can sterilize and inhibit the influenza virus. Because it is rich in vitamins, carotene, iron, calcium, phosphorus, selenium and other trace elements, it also has the effect of laxative, beauty and anti-cancer. So patients suffering from inflammation use mango to help the recovery of inflammation.
How to use: Break the mango, boil it in water, and drink it twice a day for two weeks.
This is an introduction to how to use fruits for dietary therapy. I hope you can also recognize the efficacy of these fruits through this article. Of course, dietary therapy is only a complementary therapy. To get better quickly, patients still need to use drugs, such as Traditional Chinese medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, to reduce the symptoms until recovery.
Finally, I wish all patients can be cured and regain their health as soon as possible.
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