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Is Fast Running Suitable for Epididymitis Patients?
Epididymitis occurs mainly in young men, and most young men love to exercise, for example, running. Some male patients continue to go for sports after having epididymitis and find themselves uncomfortable in their reproductive parts after sports. In fact, whether epididymitis patients are suitable for fast running depends on the patient's physical condition. It is best not to run if men have severe epididymitis, let alone run fast.

There are two types of epididymitis, including acute and chronic epididymitis. Most diseases become chronic because they are not completely cured in time during the acute stage. However, epididymitis is not the same. Only some people become chronic epididymitis patients because the acute disease is not cured. Most epididymitis patients are already chronic when the disease starts. 
Epididymitis develops mainly because various pathogenic bacteria, such as E. coli, Staphylococcus, etc., enter the human urethra or vas deferens when their immunity is low, causing inflammation. The main symptoms are pain and swelling of the affected scrotum with significant pressure pain. 
When running, the movement causes the scrotum to move. When the running speed increases, the movement of the scrotum intensifies, thus aggravating the patient's symptoms of epididymis Swelling. Therefore, the patient's clinical signs are aggravated by intensified blood stasis and pain.
Epididymitis patients should not run fast and should try to walk less and move less during the onset of the disease. Bed rest is recommended. When lying in bed, the scrotum can be dragged up with soft clothes, which can help reduce the swelling, relieve the pain of the epididymis, and facilitate the stabilization and recovery of the disease. 
For chronic epididymitis patients, this can be judged according to the doctor's advice and specific diagnosis. Patients should not run fast to avoid causing discomfort and pain in the scrotal area. But in the stable period of chronic epididymitis, one can do proper jogging exercises. As long as the running exercise is not strenuous, it is not a big problem. Moderate jogging is good for improving the body's metabolism and blood circulation in the epididymis area.
Although epididymitis patients can jog, the time should be short. Or the patients may feel overtired, leading to aggravation of the disease. In addition, epididymitis patients are usually not allowed to sit for too long. They should get up and walk around after sitting for at most one hour. They should not use hot water for the bath because it will stimulate the epididymis, thus aggravating the condition. Sex life is moderate. Besides, keeping a happy mood every day is beneficial. All these behaviors are conducive to the recovery of epididymitis.
Epididymitis patients who experience uncomfortable symptoms should promptly go to the urology department in the local hospital for systematic examination and treatment. Patients can choose intravenous input of broad-spectrum antibiotics or natural medicine treatment depending on their specific situations. 
During treatment, patients should eat a light diet and avoid eating spicy and stimulating foods such as chili peppers and peppercorns. Otherwise, the efficacy of the medication will be adversely affected. 
The natural medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill has the efficacies of activating blood circulation, removing blood stasis, moving Qi, and relieving pain, which is acknowledged as effective in treating epididymitis, prostatitis, and other urinary system conditions.
In conclusion, epididymitis patients should not engage in strenuous exercise like fast running. Patients had better follow medical advice and avoid activities that may aggravate their conditions. They can do gentle exercises such as walking to restore health as soon as possible.
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