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Can Overwork Cause Epididymitis?
The testicle is an essential male reproductive organ for males. If something is wrong with the testicle, it will affect male reproductive health and may also affect male fertility in severe cases. Epididymitis is a common type of testicular disease in men. If a man has epididymitis, it will lead to sexual dysfunction and may even make him lose entirely sexual function. 

So, can overwork lead to epididymitis?
In this age, society is developing rapidly, and men are tired. And the man with fatigue can easily have epididymitis. If men are tired for a long time, they are overdrawing their bodies. The effect of tiredness on epididymitis mainly works by reducing the person's immunity. Epididymitis occurs mainly due to E. coli and staphylococcus bacteria caused by the inflammation of the urinary system. 
These bacteria will generally move from the vas deferens countercurrent into the epididymis. When men are overworked, there will be low immunity in the body, which makes it easier to lead to bacterial invasion of men. Epididymitis often occurs in young and middle-aged men, which has a great relationship with the decline of body resistance caused by work and study pressure and excessive fatigue in this age group.
In addition to fatigue, epididymitis is associated with many other factors.
1. The bacterial infection causes epididymitis. Most men's underwear is double-layered at the front, which wraps the genitals tightly together and, over time, leads to hot and humid conditions in the perineum. This leaves men susceptible to bacteria, which can lead to urinary infections and epididymitis in the long run.
2. Prolonged sitting causes epididymitis. In today's society, many men need to sit for a long time because of their work, and they also need to sit for a long time while driving to and from work. This will lead to epididymis oppression, which will affect the blood circulation of the epididymis. Under the influence of these factors, it is possible to induce epididymitis.
3. Bad living habits lead to epididymitis. Some bad living habits may also cause epididymitis, such as bad sex habits, forced coitus interruption, etc. In addition, poor eating habits may also cause epididymitis. Therefore, males in ordinary life should avoid spicy, stimulating foods and excessive drinking.
4. The disease causes epididymitis. If there is inflammation of the urogenital system, these bacteria will pass through the vas deferens into the epididymis and multiply rapidly in the epididymis, which will cause epididymitis. At the same time, if the man suffers from prostatitis, orchitis, etc., these diseases are also likely to cause epididymitis because of the proximity of these organs.
Males should combine work and rest in daily life and do the right amount of exercise, avoiding too much pressure. Men should not be too tired, and they can learn to take care of themselves for the happiness of their families. For epididymitis caused by inflammation, men can take the traditional Chinese medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. Its broad-spectrum antibacterial properties can kill various bacteria and viruses that cause male urogenital diseases and will not harm the body.
In daily life, in addition, to avoiding fatigue, men should do such things to prevent epididymitis:
1. Hygiene habits. To avoid the influence of epididymitis, males must develop good hygiene habits in daily life. Good hygiene habits can help them avoid genital and urinary infections and reduce the possibility of getting epididymitis.
2. Pay attention to diet. Males can adopt a reasonable diet, drink water regularly, and keep stool unobstructed.
3. Pay attention to sex. Healthy, scientific sex life can help males prevent epididymitis. Avoid frequent sex and excessive masturbation to avoid causing epididymis hyperemia edema, inducing or aggravating the condition.
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