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Do You Know That Irregular Sexual Life Can Lead to Epididymitis?
Epididymitis mainly occurs in young and middle-aged men, and men with irregular sexual life are more likely to be attacked. Pathogenic bacteria mainly cause epididymitis, and unclean sex will increase the risk of male infection with pathogenic bacteria and induce epididymitis. And frequent sexual life too abstemious can cause epididymitis aggravation. Now, let's have a look!

The epididymis is the primary male sex organ, which has the functions of secreting, storing sperm, and promoting sperm maturation. If there is epididymitis, the patient will suffer from scrotal swelling and discomfort during the acute attack period, and local pain is severe. The pain can radiate to the groin area and lower abdomen, seriously affecting the patient's normal work and life.
Irregular sexual life easily leads to epididymitis.
Irregular sexual life means that sexual life is too frequent or too abstemious, harming the male genitourinary system. Suppose sexual life is too frequent and unrestrained. In that case, the male reproductive organs will be congested for a long time, which will cause prostate congestion, induce prostatitis, and then lead to epididymitis.
Suppose there is complete abstinence and no sexual life for a long time. In that case, the male sexual desire cannot be released, which will lead to the continuous excitement of the prostate and long-term congestion. The prostate tissue is often congested and edematous, thus inducing prostatitis and epididymitis.
In addition, people who ignore hygiene in sexual life and have a dirty sexual life history may also infect pathogenic bacteria and cause epididymitis.
Does epididymitis affect sexual life? It depends on the type of epididymitis.
If it is acute epididymitis or chronic epididymitis acute attack stage, it will affect sexual life. On the one hand, in the acute phase, the inflammatory reaction is relatively strong, and sexual life should be prohibited at this time not to aggravate the inflammatory response and hinder the recovery of the disease. On the other hand, although epididymitis generally does not directly damage the erectile function of the penis, severe pain, discomfort, and swelling of the epididymis in the acute phase can cause limited activity. It may also lead to emotional anxiety and poor rest in patients, which may cause psychological erectile dysfunction.
If it is chronic epididymitis, and the condition is in a relatively stable stage, the patient's clinical symptoms are relatively mild, and the impact on sexual life is relatively small at this time, the patient can conduct sexual life appropriately, but it should be noted that the number of sexual life should not be too frequent and the intensity should not be too large.
If epididymitis is caused by venereal pathogen infection, such as epididymitis caused by Neisseria gonorrhoeae and chlamydia, it will also temporarily affect sexual life. Such pathogens can be transmitted through sex, so they can be transmitted to sexual partners through sexual intercourse, leading to gonorrhea and chlamydia infection in sexual partners and affecting their health. Therefore, it is recommended to avoid sexual behavior before a complete cure.
How to treat epididymitis?
Patients with acute epididymitis can be treated with sensitive antibiotics against infection. At the same time, patients should rest in bed, apply a local cold compress, and raise the scrotum to relieve pain. If epididymitis leads to suppuration, timely incision and drainage should be performed. If the treatment of acute epididymitis is not timely or thorough, it can be turned into chronic epididymitis, which can be treated symptomatically through Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. It is based on the overall situation of patients' dialectical medication to reduce symptoms until recovery.
These are some of the hazards of irregular sex life. In short, after suffering from acute or chronic epididymitis, men should get thorough treatment and have moderate sexual life to restore health as soon as possible!
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