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What is the Nursing Management of Epididymitis?
Increased social pressure makes people more likely to suffer from various physiological diseases. Epididymitis is one of the common diseases of the male reproductive system. This is mainly due to the spread of prostatitis or other reproductive system inflammation to the epididymis. If not treated in time, it will affect the quality of work and life and lead to male infertility.

In the case of acute epididymitis, acute epididymitis can be treated with broad-spectrum antibiotics. If it is chronic epididymitis, the condition is much more severe than acute epididymitis. Therefore, drug therapy alone is not feasible. It is necessary to continue to use physical therapy when using drug therapy, and chronic epididymitis can be treated in a two-pronged way. If the testicular abscess is severe and surgical drainage is also needed.
How should epididymitis be nursed?
1. No spicy and irritating food
Spicy and heavy food can also affect the disease. Spicy food will aggravate the pain. If the inflammation is severe, spicy food will only worsen the inflammation. Therefore, it is prohibited to eat spicy food.
2. No smoking and alcohol
Smoking and drinking can have an impact on your health. During the treatment of epididymitis, smoking and drinking should be prohibited to prevent harmful substances and alcohol in cigarettes from causing a more significant impact on the disease, aggravating pain, and prolonging treatment time.
3. No frequent sex or masturbation
Epididymitis itself is very painful. If you have a couple's life in the case of inflammation, the quality of life will not be affected, the pain will increase, and the inflammation will become more serious. Frequent sex can also lead to impotence, premature ejaculation, and even infertility.
4. Don't delay treatment

Patients with venereal diseases should be treated promptly, and regular hospitals should be sought for treatment to avoid inappropriate drug use, drug resistance or co-infection, and epididymitis.
In fact, traditional Chinese medicine is suitable for the treatment of chronic epididymitis. For example, taking natural medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, from Dr. Li's TCM Clinic can produce good results. You can also use the following traditional Chinese medicines for treatment.
1. Houttuynia cordata and radish: Houttuynia cordata, radish, seasoning, appropriate amount. Wash the houttuynia cordata and radish and cut them into sections; Wash ginger and shred; Wash garlic and cut into granules; Wash scallions and dice. Put the houttuynia cordata and radish on the plate, add ginger, vinegar, soy sauce, garlic, sesame oil, and chicken essence, and mix well. Take it twice a day.
2. Chrysanthemum eggplant soup: 40g Hangzhou chrysanthemum, eggplant, proper seasoning. Boil chrysanthemums with water for about 30 minutes, then remove the juice from the slag. Wash the eggplant, cut it into thin slices, and stir. Fry until it is cooked in a hot oil pan. Mix it with onion, ginger, starch, and chrysanthemum juice, stir fry, and add some sesame oil, one daily dose.
3. Snow lotus lean meat soup: 10g snow lotus, 100g pig lean meat, with proper seasoning. Washing snow lotus; Wash the lean meat, cut the acute orchitis diet, put it into a pot, add water to boil, then boil the lotus snow, boil until the lean meat is cooked, add scallions, lard, ginger, salt, MSG, Pepper and other condiments, 1 dose per day.
Therefore, epididymitis must be treated as soon as possible. The earlier the treatment is, the better. During the treatment, men should control their health habits, strengthen physical exercise, and keep optimistic. I wish people with epididymitis will recover soon.
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