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How does Exercise Relieve Epididymitis?

Epididymitis is a disease that frequently occurs in men and seriously affects male fertility. Many people will choose drugs for treatment after suffering from epididymitis, but the drug has side effects on the human body and is unsuitable for long-term use. In addition to drug therapy, exercise therapy for treating epididymitis is also good. It can not only improve the body's immunity but also promote recovery.


But the first thing to note is that you can't run during an attack of epididymitis. For patients who love exercise, stopping strenuous exercise for a while is better. You can exercise appropriately, but avoid local friction and squeezing if it is chronic inflammation.

Here are some suggestions about exercise treatment when you suffer from epididymitis.

Patients with epididymitis can massage the navel to the waist area. Patients should sit on the floor and massage their belly button, putting the left hand under the right hand, in a clockwise direction, for about two minutes. Then bend your arms behind you, massage your waist muscles on both sides back and forth with the palms of your hands, and stop when you feel the waist warm.


Patients with epididymitis can do hip-swinging body exercises. The primary method is to use your head and two heels as fulcrums to raise your hips in the supine position. It is also essential to contract the perineum muscles while raising the hips. Then slowly lower your hips.


Patients with epididymitis can be well relieved with exercise therapy, but they still need to use the medicine. Patients can take dandelion, hedyotis diffusa, patrinia, cortex phellodendri, picrorhiza scrophulariiflora pennell, and cortex moutan with the effect of clearing heat and detoxifying, and take these herbs with water decoction. The treatment effect of this is good.

Also, men can take herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill to get a cure. The herbs in this pill have the effect of clearing heat and detoxicating, activating blood circulation and removing blood stasis, and can effectively eliminate various discomfort symptoms of patients.


Matters Need Attention:


After suffering from epididymitis, men must pay more attention and adjust their work and rest time, which is fundamental to ensure the recovery of epididymitis and is also necessary to avoid causing re-infection.


In addition, in the early stage of inflammation, patients can take cold compresses or cold water sitz baths, which can reduce inflammatory edema and exudation; in the middle and late stages, hot compresses or hot water sitz baths can be used to promote the dissipation of inflammation. The most important thing is that the anti-inflammatory treatment should be thorough.

Patients with epididymitis should pay attention to care that is simple enough. The first thing is that during the treatment process, the patient should avoid re-infection, and the source of infection must be determined. The second thing is that there are some precautions, such as the treatment effect of chronic epididymitis is only sometimes ideal. In such a case, attention should be paid to the examination after the prognosis.

If you're not using the right approach, you'll get worse, such as riding a bike, which will hurt the prostate and penis, and epididymis. The fact is that you must choose a simple one that is not harmful to your body. It is also essential to pay attention to the diet to eat more light food. And it is best to drink more water to eliminate harmful secretions from the body.

Through the above introduction, I believe many males have a further understanding of the exercise methods of epididymitis. Although the incidence of epididymitis is not high, the attack will affect the normal life of patients. In serious cases, it will also affect sexual function, bringing serious troubles to patients and their families. Therefore, men suffering from epididymitis should be checked and treated as early as possible. I wish you all good health.

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