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Poor Physique with Epididymitis, Strengthen Exercise is Important

When it comes to male reproductive health, many people know that the testicles are pretty important. They are the organ that produces sperm in men, while the same important epididymis is often ignored.


Nowadays, with the acceleration of the pace of life, men are also facing more and more health threats, among which bad living habits are the greatest. Bad living habits such as staying up late, lack of exercise, and irregular diet often reduce immunity.

When human immunity is poor, the body's resistance is bound to decline, and bacteria or pathogens may retrogradely infect the epididymis through the urethra and vas deferens and develop epididymitis.

The body's resistance is poor. If a man suffers from urinary tract infection, prostatitis, or seminal vesiculitis, this inflammation is not easy to heal, and the pathogen can easily reach the epididymis and exhibit epididymitis. Men with poor immunity are more likely to suffer from tuberculosis. Mycobacterium is expected to be infected with epididymis through blood transmission, direct transmission and retrograde infection, and epididymitis of tuberculosis.

Epididymitis caused by a poor physique is essential to strengthening exercise. Epididymitis is a common clinical disease in men related to inflammation, infection, living habits, diet, and other factors. In particular, factors such as lack of activity, sedentary, cold and other factors account for a large proportion of epididymitis. It has been said that exercise can replace drugs, but none of them can replace exercise.

Sticking to physical exercise is very important for human health. The benefits of physical exercise for the body are manifold. Exercise can accelerate blood circulation and improve the oxygen supply and function of brain cells. It can also cause brain cells to release endorphins, making people happy and sedative. Therefore, regular exercise can improve people's mood and mental state, which can improve sleep.

In addition, exercise can enhance the vitality of muscles and joints, and maintain flexibility and responsiveness. Exercise can also enhance the function of important organs. For example, it can make the myocardium develop and contract strongly, thus enhancing the heart's function.

Strengthening the movement of the diaphragm and abdominal muscles for a long time can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, facilitate digestion and absorption, improve the body's immune function, and maintain vigorous vitality.

For example, you can do aerobic exercises such as walking, outdoor running, skipping rope, swimming, etc. You can also try aerobics, squats, and so on at home.

For patients with epididymitis, you should reasonably strengthen physical exercise to avoid standing for a long time and catching a cold. However, it should be noted that for patients with acute epididymitis, one is to use antibiotics to control inflammation, and the second is to pay attention to rest, which is more conducive to the recovery of epididymitis. Exercise during epididymitis attacks will aggravate the symptoms, which is not helpful for improving epididymitis.

Patients with chronic epididymitis can take Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill to clear away heat, detoxify, sterilize diuretics and eliminate inflammation.

We should always remember that exercise should be reasonable, moderate, and not be overexerted to avoid the opposite effect.

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