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Do Warm Sitz Baths Have Benefits to Epididymitis?

Epididymitis is an inflammation of the epididymis caused by various pathogens infections. It is usually divided into chronic and acute epididymitis. Acute epididymitis presents with pain in one testicle, urinary pain, and fever. Chronic epididymitis is the result of delayed or incomplete treatment of acute epididymitis. It is characterized by persistent chronic pain in one testicle that radiates to the ipsilateral groin. Therefore, if there are symptoms of discomfort, you should go to a regular hospital for prompt treatment.


Do warm sitz baths have benefits to epididymitis?


Warm sitz baths are good for the treatment of epididymitis. They can promote the blood circulation of the patient's epididymis and be used as an adjunctive treatment of epididymitis. Patients should choose an appropriate sized basin, add proper warm water for pubic soaking, and soak before sleep. Each sitz bath time should be in half an hour or so, and 15 times or so for treatment. Warm sitz baths can produce thermal effects, speed up pubic blood circulation, and effectively treat inflammation.


Warm sitz baths can remove skin cells, dust, sweat stains, and various harmful microorganisms, such as suppurative bacteria, fungi, and viruses, from the area around the vulva. A warm sitz bath is a popular method of health care. Male sitz bath health care measures are less common than women. Sitz baths also have a lot of benefits for men. 

Epididymitis is a common disease among young adults, which is difficult to cure and very painful. Adhering to warm sitz baths will have unexpected curative effects. Warm water can promote blood circulation and the dissipation of inflammation to reduce symptoms and shorten the course of the disease, which is also the basic principle of warm sitz baths.


The scrotum has strong flexibility and secretes lots of sweat. In addition, due to poor pubic ventilation, easily hiding dirt, and local bacteria invasion can lead to epididymis inflammation. Warm sitz baths can clean the perineum, a critical way to prevent epididymitis.


What are the things you should notice when having a warm sitz bath?


1. Control the water temperature. The water temperature should be controlled at about 40℃. If the temperature is too low, it cannot reach the blood circulation effect. If the temperature is too high, it will hurt the genitals and even cause the phenomenon of spermatogenesis.


2. Appropriate massage. Massage can effectively stimulate epididymis peripheral blood vessels, accelerate blood circulation, and remove inflammation from the body. However, patients with acute epididymitis are not suitable for massage.


3. Towels should be dedicated and disinfected. Towels wiped after a sitting bath should be used separately from other towels. For patients with epididymitis, towels should be sterilized after each use so they can be used again.


A daily warm sitz bath can reduce fungal and bacterial infections and keep the lower body healthy. For patients with epididymitis, a warm bath can be used to improve blood circulation, speed up blood return and relieve discomfort.


How to prevent and improve epididymitis?


1. Pay attention to hygiene and health care. At ordinary times, you should develop good hygiene habits, avoid germ breeding and reproduction of reproductive organs, and avoid sharing towels, basins, and other private utensils with others.


2. Eat healthily. Have a light diet, and avoid eating greasy, cold, spicy, and stimulating food. Stay away from alcohol and tobacco.


3. Choose a professional treatment plan and actively cooperate with the treatment. Epididymitis should be treated in time. Patients should have regular hospital treatment, such as taking herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill to avoid the disease deterioration caused by improper medication.


4. Adopt a good lifestyle. Don't stay up late for a long time; balance work and rest. Patients with acute epididymitis should rest in bed, drink more water, and hold up the scrotum with a cloth belt. During treatment, refrain from sexual intercourse.


5. Keep a good mood. Don't be stressed or remain in a mental state of tension, anxiety, and depression, which will only increase the difficulty of treating the disease.

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