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Chronic Epididymitis Notice: In Terms of Diet and Lifestyle

Nowadays, people face high-pressure and fast-paced work, often working overtime and staying late. Over time, their resistance to bacteria and viruses decreases, making them susceptible to epididymitis. This is a very troublesome disease.

diet for epididymitis

If epididymitis is not treated promptly, it may develop into chronic epididymitis, leading to male infertility. Therefore, to avoid serious consequences, patients need to seek treatment actively.

If the effect of ordinary antibiotics is not ideal, it is recommended to take natural medicine such as Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. It can eliminate symptoms, clear the pathogenic factors that cause pathological changes in the testis and epididymis, effectively kill bacteria and inflammation and have a certain therapeutic effect on complications, such as epididymal cysts and nodules. It can target the treatment of chronic epididymitis and help patients recover their health!

At the same time, patients should also pay attention to their daily diet and lifestyle during treatment.

Dietary considerations for chronic epididymitis

1. Avoid spicy food

Spicy and irritating food is not only the source of dampness and heat in the body but also causes blood vessel dilation, leading to local congestion in the epididymis and aggravating epididymitis. Therefore, patients with chronic epididymitis must avoid eating spicy and irritating food.

2. Avoid eating hair-trigger foods

According to traditional Chinese medicine, hair-trigger foods are a type of food that is easy to induce or aggravate certain diseases, affecting disease recovery. Lamb, beef, dog meat, shrimp, and crab seafood are all hair-trigger foods. Eating them will worsen the condition, so patients with chronic epididymitis cannot eat these foods. Otherwise, the condition will worsen.

3. Avoid drinking alcohol

Alcohol can accelerate the patient's blood circulation, causing epididymal congestion and aggravating inflammation. Moreover, if the patient drinks alcohol during treatment, alcohol will react with the medication, causing serious consequences. Therefore, patients with chronic epididymitis are absolutely prohibited from drinking alcohol during treatment.

4. Eat more foods rich in vitamins and proteins

When men suffer from chronic epididymitis, the long-term effects of inflammation can lead to a decline in physical fitness. Therefore, to improve immunity and antibacterial ability, patients can eat more foods rich in vitamins and proteins, such as eggs, shepherd's purse, kiwi, grapefruit, etc.

Lifestyle considerations for chronic epididymitis

1. Appropriate exercise

Patients with chronic epididymitis can engage in appropriate exercises, such as running, jogging, yoga, etc., enhancing physical fitness, improving body resistance, and promoting recovery.

2. Avoid prolonged sitting, standing, and holding urine

Prolonged sitting, standing, or holding urine can cause venous reflux in the scrotum, leading to local congestion near the epididymis and aggravating the condition. Therefore, patients with chronic epididymitis should engage in physical activity after sitting or standing for some time. In addition, they should also drink plenty of water and urinate frequently, which is beneficial for the absorption and dissipation of inflammation.

3. Avoid frequent sexual activity and excessive masturbation

Frequent sexual activity and excessive masturbation can increase the burden on the epididymis, aggravate congestion of the genital organs, and hinder the resolution of inflammation. Therefore, patients should avoid frequent sexual activity and excessive masturbation during treatment and pay attention to hygiene in the genital area.

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