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Does Epididymitis Cause Back Pain?

Epididymitis can be damaging to the body. After getting this disease, men's testicles cannot produce normal sperm, or normal sperm will die prematurely and eventually lose fertility. Moreover, the germs that cause inflammation can also be transmitted to the spouse through sex, causing serious gynecological diseases and harm to the wife's body.

 Does Epididymitis Cause Back Pain

Here is a brief introduction to whether epididymitis can cause back pain.


In fact, epididymitis can cause back pain. After getting the disease, many patients will suffer from premature aging due to seminal deficiency and kidney weakness. This problem occurs because some men do not attach importance to the disease in its early stage. They consider the symptoms not obvious anyway, so they do not treat them in time.


Consequently, the inflammation becomes more and more serious, resulting in the patient's essence loss and kidney deficiency. And the disease erodes their body daily, leading to excessive consumption of vital energy; Gradually, they become weak and powerless, afraid of cold, and often feel back pain for no reason. Moreover, their body enters the aging stage in advance, their resistance worsens, and their epididymitis becomes more and more serious.


In addition to the symptoms of male premature aging, back pain, mental instability, etc., acute epididymitis can be manifested as testicular and epididymal swelling or pain, visible local redness and swelling of the scrotum, elevated skin temperature, palpable enlargement of the epididymis, palpable tenderness, often accompanied by fever and other systemic symptoms. Moreover, the examination can help find elevated blood count, and the ultrasound can suggest epididymal enlargement, heterogeneous echogenicity, rich blood flow signals, and so on.


Patients with chronic epididymitis generally have no systemic symptoms, and their local symptoms are lighter than acute epididymitis. It may manifest as mild swelling and discomfort of the testicles and epididymis area. Inflammatory nodules can be found in the epididymis; tenderness occurs when squeezing, but usually to a gentle degree. Obvious epididymal inflammatory nodules in the epididymis can be detected by ultrasound.


The most important thing is that epididymitis can cause many other problems. For example, many males have lost their fertility completely because of this disease. This is because if epididymitis is left untreated, it is likely to cause the patient's testicles to keep shrinking. At this point, the testicles are unable to produce normal sperm and therefore are unable to complete the fertilization process.


Or rather, epididymitis can cause the testes to produce low-quality sperm or cause the sperm to die more quickly, resulting in male infertility. It should be reminded here that testicular atrophy caused by epididymitis is often overlooked because it is pretty mild and not easily observed by the naked eye.


The fact is that back pain is only one of the dangers of epididymitis to the human body. If not treated in time, the disease may lead to more dangerous diseases. For example, it may lead to varicocele and induce prostate or endocrine disorders. In more severe cases, it can be life-threatening.


Therefore, epididymitis requires prompt treatment. Patients are usually treated with antibacterial drugs sensitive to bacteria, such as Flavopiridol, Neomycin tablets, or Erythromycin tablets, and they can also be administered by intravenous drip. However, it is best to use a small dose of drugs and pay attention to observing the adverse reactions during the use of drugs.


Patients can also choose traditional Chinese medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill for treatment, especially for chronic epididymitis patients. It eliminates not only the symptoms but also the cause of the disease to cure it effectively.


In addition, prevention of epididymitis is also important. Maintaining good personal hygiene, avoiding sexually transmitted infections, maintaining sufficient rest, and a reasonable diet can help prevent epididymitis.


To summarize, epididymitis is a common inflammation in the male reproductive system that can lead to back pain and other uncomfortable symptoms. If you suspect you may be suffering from epididymitis, seek prompt medical attention. Taking precautions and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is also essential to reduce your risk of developing epididymitis.

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