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Easing Epididymitis with Exercise: Tips and Techniques

Epididymitis does profound harm to men, and if not treated in time, it will lead to many concurrent diseases and potentially harm men's reproductive function. Epididymitis, mainly categorized into acute and chronic epididymitis, triggers severe symptoms in the acute phase. So we should take urgent treatment measures to relieve the discomfort and avoid the transformation of acute epididymitis into chronic epididymitis.

Relieve epididymitis through exercise

In most cases, epididymitis turns into chronic because of uncured acute epididymitis. Chronic epididymitis has diverse clinical manifestations, including scrotal pain and swelling, mild enlargement and hardening of the epididymis, and pain that expands to the lower abdomen and inner thighs. It may be accompanied by urinary tract irritation, such as frequent and urgent urination, and often recurs, making the patients suffer a lot.

Sitting or standing for a long time or holding urine will lead to scrotal venous reflux, resulting in localized congestion near the epididymis and aggravating the condition. Therefore, patients with epididymitis should exercise moderately after sitting or standing for some time.

So, how should patients relieve epididymitis through exercise?

Acute epididymitis has obvious clinical symptoms, including severe pain, obvious enlargement of testicles and epididymis, chills, fever, nausea, vomiting, and other systemic symptoms. They pose restrictions on the patients’ activities. So patients are forbidden to exercise and must pay attention to bed rest.

Chronic epididymitis patients who do not have acute attacks of the disease or severe pains can exercise moderately, participating in sports such as running, jogging and yoga to enhance their physical fitness and improve their body resistance. Moderate exercise is conducive to their recovery. But do not do excessive exercise to prevent the torsion of the epididymis.

However, given the characteristics of epididymitis, patients should pay attention to the following points when doing exercise:

1. Avoid excessive intensity of exercise: Exercise with too much intensity cannot prevent the recurrence of inflammation but will even lead to aggravation. So patients’ exercise must be moderate. Generally, it is best to control the time to about 30 minutes and prioritize aerobic exercise (which refers to exercise with slow frequency and long duration, such as jogging, walking, etc.).

2. Do some fixed measures before exercise: Patients with epididymitis are likely to shake the scrotum back and forth during exercise, which is undoubtedly a test in their recovery period. Therefore, in addition to the reasonable control of exercise intensity, patients should take measures to fix the scrotum appropriately but not too tight.

3. Do not take a hasty shower after exercise: Generally, the body produces unbearable heat, especially in summer. In this case, some people may shower quickly before the body fully recovers to a normal state. Consequently, however, the rapid alternation of hot and cold will likely lead to the maladaptation of the scrotum and testicles, which in turn can trigger unexpected results.

In addition to exercise, patients should take some medicine to relieve their symptoms. Acute epididymitis is mostly caused by bacterial infection, and the most effective medication is antibiotics or drugs that are sensitive to bacteria. At the same time, acute epididymitis will be accompanied by scrotal pain, so painkillers are necessary if the patient's pain aggravates. 

However, antibiotic medication has side effects and may harm the normal functions of the liver and kidney while eliminating pathogenic microorganisms. Moreover, long-term use of antibiotics will lead to drug resistance, causing even more serious consequences.

Traditional Chinese medicine has good therapeutic effects in treating chronic diseases. For instance, Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill effectively treat male genitourinary system inflammation and can cure chronic epididymitis. It contains meridian-inducing ingredients that can pass through the blood and testicular barrier so that its power can reach the affected area of the epididymis directly to better help the body fight against inflammation together with the disease-causing bacteria. Besides, Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can relieve pain and discomfort and improve urethral irritation symptoms.

If the patient's condition is surprisingly serious, surgery should be performed immediately to remove the diseased tissue and prevent further aggravation. If the condition cannot be controlled after long-term treatment, patients may consider removing the testicles to avoid further deterioration.

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