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Can Indwelling Catheterization Cause Epididymitis? How Is It Treated?

Epididymitis is a common condition among non-specific infections of the male reproductive system, most often seen in young and middle-aged men, and often coexists with orchitis, called epididymitis-orchitis.

Catheterization and Epididymitis

For infants and children, epididymitis is often associated with urinary tract inflammation, underlying genitourinary congenital anomalies, or circumcision. For older men, benign prostatic hyperplasia and associated urinary retention, urinary tract infections, and indwelling catheters are the most common causes.

For some patients, especially older adults, when they are unable to take care of themselves, they often have an indwelling catheter. But, an indwelling catheter can predispose a person to the disease epididymitis.

The mechanism of epididymitis caused by indwelling catheters is mainly due to urine reflux and bacterial infection caused by long catheter time. The symptoms of epididymitis caused by indwelling catheterization are similar to those caused by infection, which is also characterized by pain and scrotal enlargement. 

Secondly, the epididymis is a vas deferens and a place for sperm maturation, so bilateral epididymal inflammation may lead to impaired sperm maturation and obstruction of the vas deferens in severe cases, which may cause men to suffer from oligozoospermia, hypospermia, and then infertility.

Once the indwelling catheter triggers epididymitis, there will be fever, scrotal pain, and other symptoms, then you should be timely treatment. Otherwise, the aggravation of the disease will only lead to more serious harm. 

So, what are the dangers of indwelling catheters causing epididymitis?

Sperm and kidney loss. When epididymitis occurs, if not treated it timely, it will directly affect male sperm production and development and even make male patients afraid of colds, high temperatures, back pain and other phenomena, which will accelerate the male aging speed.

Loss of fertility. After epididymitis develops, the testicles will continuously shrink. Once the testicles atrophy, it will directly affect the production and development of sperm, leading to the loss of reproductive function of patients.

Loss of sexual function. After epididymitis leads to testicular atrophy, it will directly lead to men's sexual ability being affected. Some patients will lose part of their sexual ability, and some will even be completely lost. Once the sexual life between husband and wife is not satisfied, it will likely lead to cracks in the relationship between them.

Cause other diseases. When epididymitis occurs, the inflammation will continue to occur and spread. It will bring other diseases, common varicocele, prostatitis and endocrine diseases if serious. Of course, it may also cause other tumor diseases. Therefore, patients must pay high attention to their illness.

Once epididymitis occurs, the physical and mental damage to male patients is great, so it must be treated in time. Patients can take Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill orally, which has the main effects of clearing heat and detoxification, promoting blood circulation and qi for pain relief, and inducing diuresis for treating stranguria. And it can kill various types of bacteria and viruses that cause diseases of the male urogenital system to solve the problem of bacterial infection caused by the prolonged duration of the catheter.

The principle of epididymitis treatment is that in the acute stage, bed rest is needed, lifting the scrotum and applying a hot compress locally, and the scientific use of antibiotics and antipyretic pain relief treatment. Chronic epididymitis caused by abscess requires surgical incision, and repeated episodes of severe pain can also be treated surgically. Patients are advised to drink more water, focus on a light diet, and avoid spicy and stimulating food intake.

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