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Is Epididymitis Considered Cured When It Doesn't Hurt Anymore?

Epididymitis refers to acute and chronic inflammation caused by bacterial infection of the epididymis. In clinical practice, epididymitis can be divided into acute and chronic epididymitis, most of which are caused by urinary tract infections and retrograde infections to the epididymis and testes.

Epididymitis Cure

Epididymitis can lead to significant swelling and pain in the patient's scrotum area and pain or discomfort in the lower abdomen or pelvis. Is epididymitis considered cured when the painful symptoms disappear?

The absence of pain from epididymitis does not usually mean that it has been fully recovered.

Epididymitis is considered to be related to the invasion of the epididymis by bacteria and other pathogenic bacteria, which easily cause a series of inflammatory reactions, usually accompanied by unilateral scrotal swelling, pain, and other symptoms, and may also affect normal urination. If the patient does not have pain, it may indicate that the inflammation has been effectively controlled, but it does not mean it has been completely recovered. 

In addition, epididymitis often has no obvious clinical symptoms. But, the epididymal ducts have become impassable, which will lead to no sperm coming out in the case of impassability, thus causing male infertility. At this time, there is no symptom; only through the semen examination can we know whether the epididymis has recovered its function of transporting sperm or not.

Therefore, no more pain from epididymitis does not mean complete recovery. Usually, the criteria for epididymitis cure include the following points:

1. The patient's associated clinical symptoms completely disappeared, including the disappearance of scrotal swelling, pain in the epididymis, frequent urination, urinary urgency, and painful urination.

2. On physical examination, the morphology of the epididymis is basically back to normal, with no obvious nodules, hard nodules, etc.

3. On scrotal ultrasound, it suggested that the epididymis was normal in size, with no significant enlargement, and the blood flow signal returned to normal.

4. The number of white blood cells returned to normal on routine blood and urine tests.

If the criteria mentioned above are met after epididymitis treatment, it is determined that it has been cured. If certain symptoms do not meet the criteria, the treatment cycle should also be extended appropriately because chronic epididymitis may develop if the patient is not treated thoroughly in the acute phase.

How to treat epididymitis thoroughly?

Patients can choose Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill for treatment to prevent the recurrence of the disease and treat the disease completely. This kind of traditional Chinese medicine can comprehensively regulate the patient's genitourinary system, eliminate inflammation, and alleviate the pain of the disease to achieve the effect of both symptoms and root causes.

In addition, after epididymitis is cured, patients also need to pay attention to the precautions in life to prevent the recurrence of epididymitis effectively:

1. Regular Sex Life: For men, irregular sex life also triggers the disease. Men should pay attention to moderation of sexual life. Pay special attention to rest and not often stay up late.

2. Quit Smoking and Drinking: Smoking and drinking will not only cause some harm to men's sex lives but also cause systemic harm. So, men shouldn't smoke and drink. Otherwise, epididymitis will be formed as well. Men can choose other healthy hobbies to divert their stress and attention and reduce the pain of life.

3. Good Dietary Habits: Men should pay more attention to their dietary habits in their daily life and should not drink excessively or overeat, as well as consume diets that are too high in fat, which can easily cause some genitourinary diseases. Men should eat a diet low in cholesterol and more fruits and vegetables, such as apples and spinach.

4. Good Living Habits: Don't hold urine long, and keep your bowels free. At the same time, you should often drink water and more urinate. Do active exercise to improve the body's immunity is also an effective measure to prevent epididymitis.

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