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Be Alert To Epididymitis In Case It Becomes A Sperm Killer

After sperm maturation, it is often necessary to eliminate the in vitro combination with egg cells to form a fertilized egg through a spermatic tract. The epididymis is a necessary path for sperm. In general, the epididymis secretes epididymis, which contains certain hormones, enzymes, and specific nutrients that help sperm maturation. 
However, once a man has Epididymitis, another phenomenon occurs that it will kill sperm and cause male infertility.
Mr. Gao, 29 years old, came to Dr.Lee TCM Clinic last year because he suffered from the testicles swollen and he felt very painful when he touched it. He had been married for more than two years, and his wife did not take any contraception measures, but there was still no conception. 
This time, Mr. Meng came to our clinic with the persuasion of his wife. After a doctor's inquiry and laboratory tests, he was finally diagnosed with Epididymitis and may also be infertility.
The clinical manifestations of Epididymitis are mostly testicular swelling pain, and some patients have red and swollen scrotum, and generally have urinary tract symptoms.  It can be judged to be Epididymitis by simple symptoms, but for the sake of safety, the doctor also gave a test to Mr. Gao, and the result confirmed that it was indeed Epididymitis.  
Prescribed by Dr.Lee of the clinic, Mr.Gao began to take pure TCM formula Diuretic and Anti-Inflammatory Pill. Three months later, Mr. Gao's health condition resumed to normal, the inflammation in the testes had completely disappeared, and there were no special symptoms when urinating, and the sexual life had also become wonderful. The great change has brought a lot of happiness to Mr.Gao's life. At the end of last year, Mr. Gao’s wife has successfully conceived and is now in the stage of a new parent.

Other hazards of Epididymitis:
1. Epididymitis can cause male sexual function decline, severe or even completely loss of sexual function, bringing difficulties to husband and wife's sexual life.
2. Epididymitis can cause a variety of serious diseases, such as varicocele, endocrine diseases, urinary tract infections, etc., can cause malignant tumors in serious cases, seriously threatening men's lives.
3. Epididymitis can lead to loss of kidney deficiency, limb chills, early aging and so on if not cured in the long-term treatment.
Dr. Lee from Dr.Lee's TCM Clinic also suggested that men must be timely examined after suffering from Epididymitis. The natural herbal medication Diurea and Anti-Inflammatory Pill is safe and effective with more than 50 kinds of non-artificial ingredients. It is completely unnecessary to take antibiotics with lots of side effects and drug resistance.

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Steve Valinski" My case has seen a lot of improvement. I mean really I feel better. Pain had almost disappear. "
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