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Hazards of Semen Abnormality

Semen abnormality will affect men's fertility, if men have this kind of problem, they need to take appropriate measures to treat it as soon as possible. Semen abnormality may be caused by congenital factors or some diseases. So what are the harms of semen abnormality?
1. Varicocele. Varicocele will cause the local temperature of the testes to rise, affecting testicular spermatogenesis and leading to sperm abnormalities.
2. Affecting male fertility. Sperm abnormality can cause autoimmune decline in men, so that male fertility decline, eventually leading to anti-sperm antibodies, affecting sperm production and transport, seriously affect male fertility. (How to improve sperm quality naturally)
sperm abnormality

3. Testicular spermatogenic failure. There are local and systemic factors in testicular spermatogenic failure. Local factors include congenital testicular dysplasia, trauma, inflammation, vascular disease, and interference with scrotal temperature regulation, and systemic factors include endocrine disease, genetics, radiation exposure, as well as industrial hazards.
4. Causing obstruction of the vas deferens. Obstruction of epididymal duct, vas deferens and ejaculatory duct due to inflammation, injury and deformity. Semen abnormalities are divided into two categories: semen abnormalities and sperm abnormalities, the former refers to the irregular amount, abnormal color, and qualitative abnormalities of semen, the latter refers to the morbid amount, qualitative abnormalities and malformations of sperm.
obstruction of vas deferens

5. Leading to acquired factor imbalance. Sperm abnormality can lead to acquired factor imbalance, the occurrence of spleen and stomach weakness, deficiency of semen and blood.
Therefore, men need to understand the causes of semen abnormalities, and take appropriate measures such as exercise more, and avoid contact with toxic substances or chemicals. In addition, if semen abnormalities is caused by genitourinary inflammation such as epididymitis, orchitis, or seminal vesiculitis, etc., men could suffer from infertility problem such as obstructive azoospermia or oligozoospermia, or symptom of sperm liquefaction. Under this kind of circumstances,  men are suggested to take natural treatment such as Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill.

male infertility

The formula consists of over 50 kinds of natural herbs to play a role of heat-clearing and detoxicating, blood circulation promotion, sterilization and anti-inflammatory, without side effects or drug resistance. Generally 1 to 3 courses can make the prostate and testis recover with normal function, thus sperm production and semen secretion can be back to normal, and male fertility restored with enhanced immunity.

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