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What Happens when Epididymitis Patients Wear Tight Underwear?

An internal or external infection mainly causes epididymitis in different ways, and the main reason for the external condition is the unreasonable design of traditional men's underwear on the market. 

Because epididymitis leads to high temperature and humidity in the scrotum, the scrotum adjusts the temperature of the testicles by expanding and contracting to be about 1-2 degrees lower than the body temperature, which is conducive to the best secretion of testosterone.
However, the front design of most tight-fitting men's underwear on the market is double-layered, which wraps the penis and scrotum together, resulting in the penis and scrotum being exposed to high temperature and humidity for a long time. 
It becomes a breeding ground for bacteria and other microorganisms, which coil f easily lead to prostatitis and epididymitis.
A little movement of loose men's underwear can easily lead to scrotum shaking and thigh friction and extrusion, which is not conducive to the care of epididymitis. For this reason, men must pay attention to the choice of underwear, and this cause of disease needs more attention.
Men wearing tight underwear have the following effects.
1. Loss of lively sperm
Studies have found that chemical fiber underwear may cause male oligospermia and cast a shadow on fertility. Data show that nearly 40% of men who wear pure polyester underwear have significantly reduced sperm counts by 14 months, and about 9% of men who wear half-cotton and half-polyester blended underwear have their sperm counts decreased by 10 months. There is no change in semen in pure cotton underwear.
In addition, most men who have seen changes return to normal after 4 to 8 months of changing the chemical fiber underwear. This study confirmed that polyester underwear could temporarily inhibit sperm production. It raises the temperature of the testes and lowers plasma hormone levels, which can induce oligospermia.
2. Curvature the penis
It has been clinically found that many men's penis is deformed and curved to varying degrees. Investigating the reason, I found that wearing tight underwear is to blame because, under the restraint of tight underwear, the penis has been oppressed for a long time. How can it not bend?
3. Easy to get skin diseases
For example, some people are fat and sweaty, especially when they drive often. Pure cotton underwear will likely attract eczema, prickly heat, and other skin diseases. Although pure cotton absorbs sweat, it is not easy to dry. Frequent sweating may breed bacteria, which may cause redness, swelling, itching, and other "accidents" in the perineum.
Therefore, we generally recommend wearing looser underwear. If epididymitis has been diagnosed, active treatment is needed. At the initial stage, the patient should lie in bed and rest, and lift the scrotum on the affected side to reduce the sense of heaving, which is helpful for edema and reflux. In addition, physical work and sex life are prohibited.
If there is bacterial infection, antibacterial treatment is required, and if the pain is severe, pain relief treatment is also required. For chronic epididymitis, patients can take herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. 
On the one hand, it can remove the bacterial pathogens that cause epididymis and effectively sterilize and diminish inflammation. On the other hand, it can effectively eliminate swelling, pain and discomfort of epididymis, and improve urethral irritation. In addition, it also has a certain therapeutic effect on epididymal small cysts and small epididymal nodules, which are complications of epididymitis.
Surgery may be required if the condition is severe and cannot be treated by drugs.
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