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When You Unconsciously Got Epididymitis, What Should You Do?

Although our living conditions are improving, everyone's diet and living conditions have changed. But then came the emergence of some diseases. Epididymitis is one of the most common male diseases. After the occurrence of this disease, it will not only cause the patient discomfort, thus affecting the quality of life. In severe cases, it may affect mental health and reproductive function and endanger the health of sexual partners.

1. Influence on quality of life: Epididymitis can cause noticeable swelling and pain in the scrotum, affecting patients' daily sitting, lying, walking, and working. In addition, the acute stage of the disease also involves the patient's sexual life.
2. Influence on mental health: The patient's condition can recur if it turns to chronic epididymitis. The long course of the disease and treatment cycle will affect the patient's emotional state and even cause psychological problems.
3. Influence on reproductive function: epididymitis can destroy the epididymal structure, cause adhesion and blockage in the epididymis, and affect the storage, maturation, and transportation of sperm by the epididymis. If the lesion involves only one side of the epididymis, the opposite side of the testis and epididymis function typically and generally will not cause infertility; If the lesion involves bilateral epididymis, it may lead to infertility.
4. Endangering the health of sexual partners: If epididymitis is caused by infection of venereal pathogens such as mycoplasma and chlamydia, the patient may transmit these pathogens to sexual partners through sexual contact.
Now, with the development of science and technology, many diseases are no longer people's nightmares and can be cured. So what are the methods for treating epididymitis?
1. General treatment: In the acute phase, you should rest in bed. The use of scrotal support can reduce symptoms. Self-made ample scrotal support with a cotton pad will be more comfortable. Pain relievers can be used for those with severe pain. Local hyperthermia can relieve symptoms and promote the regression of inflammation. However, early use of hyperthermia can aggravate pain and promote the spread of infection, so it is advisable to use ice packs for local cold compress in the early stage.
2. Physical therapy: hold up the scrotum, local hot compress, hot water sitz bath, physiotherapy, etc., or directly use tortellini to relieve symptoms.
3. Special treatment: If the patient goes to the doctor within 24 hours after the onset of the disease and injects local anesthetics, the condition may be completely relieved, the temperature usually drops rapidly, and the pain may completely disappear.
4. Medication. For acute epididymitis, antibiotics are helpful. Antibiotic selection should be determined by bacterial culture and drug sensitivity tests. For chronic epididymitis, patients can choose the traditional Chinese medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill for treatment. Its effects of promoting blood circulation, clearing heat, and detoxification can eliminate patients' symptoms without drug and drug resistance.
Epididymitis cysts can be treated by surgery.
Epididymectomy is mainly used to treat epididymal tuberculosis, chronic epididymitis, and benign epithelial tumors. Epididymal tuberculosis is the most common male genital tuberculosis. The epididymis gradually expanded without apparent pain. The enlarged epididymis may adhere to the scrotum or form a cold abscess and become a sinus.
After acute inflammation subsides, epididymal induration or ulcer remains. Early tuberculosis is treated with antituberculosis. If the treatment effect is not apparent or the lesion is significant, and an abscess is formed, the shape of the epididymis is removed.
Epididymectomy can be selected for chronic epididymitis after non-surgical treatment, with symptoms of frequent acute attacks or chronic suppurative epididymitis, and no fertility requirements. Benign epithelial tumors are more common in leiomyoma and adenoid tumors, and the epididymis heals after excision.
There are many ways to treat epididymitis, but you must see a doctor to recommend medication according to your situation. Men must also reasonably control their eating habits, change their underwear frequently, keep it clean, and believe that they can recover after a treatment period.
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