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Ignore Epididymitis Without Treatment? You Can't Imagine the Harm

Epididymitis is when the male body has low resistance, some pathogenic bacteria, such as Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus and Streptococcus, will enter the vas deferens and invade the epididymis retrogradely, causing inflammation.

Epididymitis is divided into acute epididymitis and chronic epididymitis. When acute epididymitis occurs, patients often have a fever, pain in the perineum area, and a sense of falling and swelling. When chronic epididymitis occurs, the testis will touch the induration, wrapped with infected bacteria, and then release toxic cytokines and metabolic substances into the circulation. The patient will have slow pain and discomfort.
Epididymitis attack will seriously affect the quality of life. In addition to these symptoms, epididymitis of these hazards you can not imagine.
Blocking the way of sperm: If the patient is infected by gonococcus, tuberculosis bacteria, and other pathogens, it will not only cause inflammation and damage sperm but also easily cause the narrowing or blocking of the epididymal lumen, leading to incomplete or complete obstruction of the vas deferens near the epididymal end.
Reduce sperm vitality: If pathogens infect the epididymis of male patients, some pathogens (such as Escherichia coli) can directly damage the sperm in the epididymal tube, inhibit sperm activity or cause sperm agglutination, to reduce its activity; Some pathogens are adsorbed on the sperm surface, reducing or even losing its activity.
Premature aging due to deficiency of essence and kidney: patients with epididymitis often suffer from undesirable phenomena, such as general weakness and mental fatigue. If they do not go to treatment for a long time, they will bring greater harm and trouble to men, such as deficiency of essence and kidney and depletion of vitality. According to experts, men will age earlier if it goes on for a long time.
Inducing dangerous diseases: epididymitis, if not treated for a long time, will lead to various severe conditions, such as varicocele, prostatitis, endocrine disorders, nephritis, and other kidney diseases, urinary infection diseases, which can lead to malignant tumors in severe cases and seriously threaten men's lives.
Therefore, when the patient has symptoms, it is necessary to conduct targeted examinations. Once epididymitis occurs, first check the blood routine, observe any change in the blood picture, and at the same time check the scrotum color ultrasound to determine whether the local blood flow conforms to the inflammatory congestion symptoms, and then treat according to the specific condition.
Epididymitis is mainly caused by bacterial infection. Therefore, patients should go to the hospital in time to identify pathogenic bacteria through bacterial culture and drug sensitivity test and select sensitive antibiotics to control infection. Common drugs include ceftazidime, erythromycin, ofloxacin, tetracycline, moxifloxacin, etc.
Patients can choose natural medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill for chronic epididymitis or nonbacterial epididymitis. This medicine has the efficacy of sterilization, anti-inflammatory, blood circulation, diuresis, and drenching, which can effectively eliminate the symptoms and causes of patients and ultimately cure the disease.
If the abscess is formed locally, the pus can be cut and drained to relieve symptoms. Some patients may have symptoms of compression leading to testicular ischemia, or they can recover testicular blood flow through epididymal incision and decompression to avoid testicular necrosis. If the patient's condition is serious, seriously affects the surrounding tissues, or epididymitis repeatedly occurs, epididymis can be removed through surgery.
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