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Should all epididymal cysts take surgery treatment?
Epididymal cysts, commonly occur in young men, are also known as spermatocele. It is the most common diseased part that is epididymal head. The main symptoms are increased hard and smooth mass, yellow and clear liquid secretions in epididymis. For the treatment of the disease, some patients choose surgery treatment to remove it. Should all epididymal cysts take surgery treatment? In fact, not all epididymal cysts need surgery treatment, TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) can also work well on this disease. 
For patients with epididymal cysts, if the size of the cysts is not big, the patient has no other symptoms. Then, there is no need to take some treatments. However, if it brings some symptoms to the patient, timely treatment is necessary. 
In clinic, although surgery can remove the cysts to some extent, it does bring much harm to the patient like male infertility. Besides, if the cyst is too smaller to be removed by the surgery, the surgery may not only make the cyst not be removed, but also may make the epididymis in the risk of reinfection. 
So the TCM treatment, a natural and conventional treatment, is accepted by more and more patients. Take the herbal medicine diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill, the national patented herbal medicine invented by the herbalist Dr. Lee Xiaoping, for example. 
1.The herbal medicine is completed formula. That is the herbal medicine has a complete efficacy. It is made by over 50 kinds of herbs, without any side effects and drug resistance.  
2.It has functions of activating blood and resolving stasis, which can dissolve the cysts from the root. In the view of TCM, the epididymal lesions are mainly caused by damp, heat and toxins. The occurrence of epididymal cysts are mainly caused by unblocked Qi and blood stasis. The herbal medicine contains herbs like Safflower, peach seed and Angelica sinensis to activate blood and resolve stasis.
3. It has functions of clearing away heat and dampness, and removes toxins. As we know, to prevent the regrow of the cysts, diminishing the inflammation is very important. The herbal medicine contains herbs like Plantain Seed, Houttuynia cordata, Cowherb Seed to clear away damp, heat and bacteria.
To sum up, not all epididymal cysts are needed surgery treatment, drug therapy like TCM treatment also works well. Besides, patients should be noted that if the size of the cysts is larger than 5cm, the patient should take the surgery treatment first, and take the postoperative oral diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill to get a cure.

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