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Antibiotic does not always work on chronic epididymits
Recently, the Guangming net had released the new: A Chinese man was misdiagnosed as chronic epididymits and finally forced to remove testicles. Needless to say, the news had made a wake-up call for many males who are constantly plagued by chronic epididymits. In many cases, antibiotic medicine are used to cure this disease, however, antibiotic dose not always work to chronic epididymits.
A research had been done on the purpose of testing the effectiveness of antibiotics. At the beginning, the patients (total 10) who had chronic epididymits were cured by antibiotic (curing 7 --14days) after taking sensitive test of drugs. And then, the patients were started closed treatment.
Two weeks later, the researcher found that about seven patients had been cured, but the others were not. What's more, the patients who were not cured told the researcher, they sad:“I feel better at the beginning , but a week later, it seems to make no difference.”
Indeed, antibiotic medicine is widely used to cure chronic epididymits, and it makes a difference in the short term. However, the antibiotic involves in so many chemical compositions that it may not suitable for patients because of the drug resistance.
Therefore, if you are worry about the drugs resistance, you many as well take traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) into consideration. 
Made by herbs, traditional Chinese medicine keeps the advantages, which means TCM will not produce any drug resistance during the treatment. Considering this aspect, it seems to be healthier for patients, and it is more conducive to the rehabilitation of patients.
We take diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill for example. It has the functions of clearing heat and removing toxin, activating blood and resolving stasis, and resolving dampness. All the functions we mentioned before can not only kills the pathogenic bacteria, but also eliminate the symptoms at the same time. 
Here what I want to stress is that although diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill can make a difference, the period of treatment will depend on the severity of the disease.
By the way, chronic inflammation may stay in your body before you know it; therefore, you'd better do the regular check to guarantee that you are in the state of health. And your doctor will also recommend your partner(s) be treated as well to prevent re-infection and further spread of the disease.
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