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Natural Remedies for Epididymitis Complications

Epididymitis complications
One of the complications of Epididymitis: the incidence of Epididymitis is more acute, and patients will have symptoms such as high fever and elevated white blood cells. As the disease progresses, the patient's lower abdomen and groin will have painful feelings, especially when standing or walking, the condition will be intensified, and there will be obvious tenderness in the epididymal enlargement.

The range of inflammation will continue to expand, and acute inflammation will gradually subside after a week.
The second complication of Epididymitis: some patients in the acute phase cannot be completely treated with this type of disease, and slowly turn into Chronic Epididymitis, but most patients have no clear acute phase inflammation which is very easy to occur, especially then it leads to prostatic inflammation or injury, the patient will feel a pain in scrotum when they are sick, and there is a feeling of swelling, pain in the groin or flank, and also combined with secondary hydrocele, patients can be found at different levels of epididymis enlargement and hardening.
The third complication of Epididymitis: with the development of the disease, Epididymitis often causes the patient's scrotum to swell, the pain is very obvious, patients with acute attacks may even appear to have chills and fever, bringing serious problems to patients.

As for the impact of the disease, if it is not treated for a long time it'll affect the relationship between husband and wife.
Natural treatment for Epididymitis complications
1. Sacred Needle-Replacing Powder: Addition and subtraction, the first thing we need to prepare is Angelica, Ligusticum wallichii,Radix angelicae, Saposhnikovia divaricata, safflower, fructus forsythiae, asarum, myrrh, frankincense. 

All the herbs are made into decoction of 200ml, they can be taken in 3 times. It is mailnly used for acute epididymitis in the clinic.  After the patient have had this, his symptoms will be treated and his conditions will be improved.

2. Additional Medlar and Orange Soup: First of all, the ingredients we need to prepare are Radix bupleuri, Radix paeoniae rubrathe, Rhizoma alismatis, Capillary artemisia, Fructus meliae toosenda, Gentian, Litchi, Fraxinus bungeana, Psyllium seed, Liquiritia glycyrrhiza. 

If the patient is in the acute phase, add Cortex Phellodendri and Rhizoma Anemarrhenae, for patients in the chronic phase, they can put off Rhizoma alismatis, Psyllium seed and Rhizoma alismatis, and then you can add rhizoma sparganii, fennel, and concha arcae.  The way to take it is to decoct these ingredients in water, one dose a day.

3. Dabu Yin Pill: First of all, we need to prepare Golden cypress, Rhizoma anemarrhenae, Tortoise plastron, prepared Rhizome of rehmannia, 1 spoon of pig spinal cord (steamed and served), honeysuckle, litchi kernel. If the patient has a testicular swelling together with pain, this time you can add figwort, seaweed, Paeoni; patients with severe painful symptoms should add orange kernel.

If the Epididymitis appear to be slightly pain, one can add radix paeoniae rubrathe, glycyrrhiza uralensis; if there is lower abdominal pain after the onset, you can add  fructus meliae toosendan in this time. If it is for some swollen and painful induration, you can add seaweed, fructus meliae toosendan, patients with fever can  add Field pennycress.

If the acute epididymitis is converted to Chronic Epididymitis and the course of disease is longer, it is better to try the symptomatic treatment of Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill in case of any drug resistance.  Diuretic and Anti-Inflammatory Pill has been modified compatibily on the basis of ancient prescriptions.

The formula ingredients have been approved as the national patent, and the drug effectiveness is stable without side effects. There is no recurrence after the treatment of Epididymitis.
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