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Is It Hard to Eliminate the Epididymitis lump?
Testis is an important part of the male body, and it is the storage of the sperm, also one of the major characteristics of men, but some men who suffer this illness because of various reasons such as bacteria, viruses which cause Epididymitis to be endangering health. 
Through comprehensive treatment, some patients will find epididymis appeared different degree of nodules, does this phenomenon normal, or how do we face it ? Can the lump be removed?
Epididymitis lump is the proliferation of scleroma when there is an inflammation of epididymitis, sometimes even if the epididymitis has been cured, there are still a lot of patients will be left with this kind of scleroma. This kind of scleroma will gradually decrease over time until it disappears, and some patients will live for a lifetime unless they are surgically removed.
Of course, there are hard nodes that we all want to eliminate, so whether the hard nodes can heal themselves or not, there are ways we can make them disappear or shrink faster.
Epididymitis should be first treated when there is a epididymitis scleroma , and we can use natural herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-Inflammatory Pill as its treatment, this medication belongs to the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), and won’t produce antimicrobial drug resistance or side effects, as a result constant improvement, the drug has been applied for national patent. 
It is the function of heat-clearing and detoxifying, blood circulation promoting to remove blood stasis that is effective in the treatment of a variety of male urogenital system diseases.
Of course, it also has a very good effect for the treatment of epididymal nodules, Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill for the treatment of epididymal inflammatory scleroma not only can remove the primary pathogenesis of the lesion, but also it can remove the lump.
In addition to TCM treatment, physical therapy can also be used to assist . One can hold scrotum up on a regular basis, to reduce compression to scrotum for a long time, undertake scrotum massage appropriately, and local hot compress with hot water is helpful for inflammation abate and nodular scavenging.
If the epididymal nodules still cause pain after epididymal inflammation is cured, your doctor may recommend surgery. Most nodules in life do not cause discomfort, so we do not recommend surgery under normal circumstances, because such nodules generally do not affect the sex life and reproductive function of men.
Just a kind reminder, sickness requires timely cure, otherwise minor illness develops into major diseases, cannot redeem to the end.
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