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The Spermatorrhea Panic: Infertile?
If a man has spermatorrhea problems, it is better to go to the hospital for relevant examinations, since long-term spermatorrhea may lead to infertility and long-term frequent spermatorrhea will reduce the number and quality of sperm.

Occasionally, male spermatorrhea is a normal phenomenon. If frequent spermatorrhea occurs, they need to go to the hospital for examination, and most of them are physical problems. 
Spermatorrhea leads to infertility
It is normal to have spermatorrhea two, three or five days a month. Even one or two days of spermatorrhea should not be considered abnormal. If long-term frequent spermatorrhea occurs daily, or even several times a night, it may be pathological.

In fact, male spermatorrhea is a normal physiological phenomenon, occasional spermatorrhea has no impact on fertility, if frequent spermatorrhea are accompanied by impotence, premature ejaculation, or sexual dysfunction, this is more serious, so you should pay attention to it.

In addition, excessive spermatozoa can also cause abnormal sperm production, reduce sperm density and affect normal pregnancy. Real pathological spermatorrhea refers to the state that spermatorrhea occurs several times a week or several times a night, when awake due to sexual intentions, or when one is still in the state of frequent spermatorrhea even with normal sexual life.
How to treat semen emission?
1. Static semi-squat pile method

Straighten chest and waist, bend knees for 1/4 squat, head and neck straight, eyes forward, arms forward flat, knees in the same position, try to clamp to the inside, so that the legs, lower abdomen, buttocks maintain high tension, walk a few steps after half a minute, let the muscles relax and then do. Do it repeatly, the number of times is self-determined. Do it once a day in the morning. 
Along with the rise of leg strength, the duration can be prolonged and the number of repetitions can be increased.
2. Supine abdominal folding, arm and leg lifting

Take supine position, stretch your arms behind your head, then raise your legs and quickly raise your arms at the same time, so that your hands and the tips of your feet touch each other on the upper abdomen, inhale when lifting, exhale when restoring.

It can be done once a day in the morning and evening, 24-32 times at a time. With the increase of abdominal muscle strength, the repetition times of the above actions can gradually increase.
3. Self-massage

Repeatedly gently massage Dantian and Shenshu acupoints with both hands and fingers clockwise and counterclockwise respectively. By massaging these two acupoints, we can help to adjust and improve sexual function.
4. Anal lifting movement
Sitting on the bed doing the action of contracting the anus just like holding a bowel movement. It can be contracted 48 to 64 times every night before going to bed. Inhale when contracting and exhale when relaxing. The movements should be gentle, slow and rhythmic, and exert force evenly. Persistence and long-term practice will be effective.
Or you can take natural treatment to alleviate symptoms. Because of the resistance and side effects of antibiotics, some patients choose Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill which is a TCM formula. This herbal medication is especially effective in the treatment of spermatorrhea caused by prostate and testicular diseases.

For example, epididymitis, prostatitis, and orchitis. When the inflammation are gone and reproductive is restored, patients can recover with good health status.

Since Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is made of over 50 kinds of natural herbs, it is a complete formula with reasonable compatibility of inflammation eliminating, detoxification, blood circulation promotion, heat clearing, and bacterial dispelling ingredients, no side effects or drug resistance, so the safety is guaranteed.
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