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Would Epididymal Cysts Cause Infertility?
Epididymis cyst is also called Spermatic Cyst. The predilection age is 20-40 years old. Epididymal cysts are common in the head of the epididymis, but rarely in the body and tail. It originates from the epithelial cells of the output tubules of the testicular reticulum. Its diameter ranges from millimetres to centimeters. It can be a single cyst or segregated into multiple cavities. It is more common in solitary cases. The cystic fluid often contains sperm.
The cause of the disease is not clear yet. But it may be related to sexual stimulation, chronic infection of testis and epididymis or partial obstruction of sperm delivery pipeline. It may also be associated with local injuries or sexually transmitted infections. It has been suggested that the epididymal duct in the head of epididymis flexes, turns or forms a diverticulum.

With the passage of time and the accumulation of sperm, the diverticular tubules increase continuously, thus forming a semen cyst. When the epididymis is blocked or scarred by inflammation or trauma, semen cysts may also occur.
Epididymal cysts can affect fertility. Epididymis cyst will affect fertility, because epididymis is the place where sperm are stored. If your epididymis is abnormal, it will also affect the quality of sperm, liquefaction time, sperm quantity, etc., which may affect future fertility. Small, asymptomatic epididymal cysts usually have no effect on fertility, but larger seminal cysts or seminal cysts with obstruction of sperm delivery channels can cause male infertility.

For small asymptomatic semen cysts, no treatment is required. Epididymal cysts can lead to sexual dysfunction. If they are quite large, men may experience pain in the testicles and scrotum during sexual intercourse, leading to secondary impotence. In theory, semen cysts can cause anxiety and then psychological impotence. This requires a full explanation by the doctor to relieve the patient's fears.

When the semen cyst is large, it can change the appearance of the external genitalia, and it can also become one of the causes of operation anxiety and lead to impotence. If the cyst is too large and oppresses the blood supply of the testis, it can lead to atrophy and infertility of the testis.
For the patients with typical symptoms, they can hang up in the Department of Andrology or urology, through scrotal ultrasonography, prostatic fluid examination, urethral secretion culture and so on, to see whether there are pathological changes in testis and epididymis, whether there are pathogens, whether there are complications. If bacteria or Chlamydia mycoplasma are positive, it is suggested that sensitive antibiotics should be given priority in drug sensitivity test.

If the patients with testicular cyst and testicular nodule are examined, the scope is small and asymptomatic. If the scope is large and the pain of compression is obvious, they can be removed surgically. After operation, Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can be used to consolidate the treatment. If there is epididymal tuberculosis, anti-tuberculosis treatment can be given first.

If the effect of conventional medication is not good, conservative herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can be chosen. This herbal treatment is of orchitis and epididymitis. On one hand, can remove pathogens causing pathological changes of testis and epididymis, can effectively sterilize and eliminate inflammation; on the other hand, its formula can effectively eliminate swelling, pain and discomfort of testis and epididymis, and eliminate the effect of promoting blood circulation and promoting Qi, diuresis and treating stranguria.

The burning pain of urethra can alleviate the symptoms of urethral mucosal discomfort caused by gonorrhea. It can treat testis and epididymitis from various aspects of the origin of the disease. In addition, it can also treat the complications of small cysts and nodules of epididymis.
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