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Frequent Spermatorrhea? You Should Watch out for Epididymitis
Epididymitis is a common disease of the male reproductive system, which is caused by the invasion of pathogenic bacteria into the epididymis. Spermatorrhea often occurs when men instinctively produce sexual desire during puberty. When your brain is stimulated by sexual stimulation, it makes the cortex continue to be sexually excited, so it is very easy to cause spermatorrhea. 
On the surface, frequent spermatorrhea seems to have nothing to do with epididymitis. However, experts said that frequent spermatorrhea may be caused by epididymitis. 

Most of the spermatorrhea caused by genital inflammation is pathological spermatorrhea. Epididymitis refers to acute suppurative inflammation of testis and epididymis. In Traditional Chinese medicine, it is called carbuncle, and modern medicine called it epididymitis. The clinical manifestations were characterized by acute swelling and pain of one or both testicles when it is pressed. 
Unilateral infection is common, and the scope of infection mostly involves testis. Once acute epididymitis occurs, it is difficult to distinguish the boundary between epididymis and testis in clinical physical examination. At this time, the B-mode ultrasound examination is helpful for diagnosis.
Epididymitis causes frequent congestion in genital organs and pathological excitement in the spinal ejaculation center, which leads to frequent spermatorrhea. In addition to epididymitis, the stimulation of genital inflammation such as balanitis, prostatitis, seminal vesiculitis and urethritis caused by prepuce inflammation, redundant prepuce can also make the penis prone to erection and spermatogenesis.
Of course, what I want to say is that epididymitis is just one of the major causes of frequent spermatorrhea, but not all of the cases are definitely caused by epididymitis. Besides epididymitis, there are also many other factors leading to frequent spermatorrhea, including the following:
1. Physiological dysfunction
For example, in the case of patients who have a poor physique, chronic diseases, consumptive diseases, overwork, long-term insomnia, malnutrition and other problems, the male physical function will become imbalanced, which means that the male nervous system governing ejaculation will become uncontrolled, inducing frequent spermatorrhea.

2. Overwork
Excessive physical and mental labor may cause frequent spermatorrhea. Nowadays, men are facing great pressure on life and work, and pressure will not only cause a heavy psychological burden but also bring a heavy burden to their body. Therefore, many males will sleep deeply because of physical and mental exhaustion, and the central activity of the cerebral cortex is strengthened during sleep, so there will be frequent spermatorrhea.
3. Unreasonable Sexual Life
Nowadays, many men masturbate to satisfy their psychological and physiological needs because of a lack of sexual partners. However, excessive masturbation is likely to lead to abnormal excitement in the ejaculatory central nervous system, and this pathological excitement will lead to frequent spermatorrhea.
4. Inappropriate sleeping position
Long-term sleeping on your stomach will oppress the scrotum, stimulate the penis, easy to cause frequent spermatorrhea. Frequent spermatorrhea can lead to dizziness, back pain, fatigue, lack of concentration, and seriously affect normal work and life. Young people are sensitive to penile stimulation, so this sleeping position is also harmful and should be avoided. 
Also, people who already have frequent spermatorrhea should also avoid this sleeping position in order not to aggravate the condition. It is advised to lie on your back or sleep on your right side, so that neither scrotum nor heart is oppressed (sleeping position on the left side will oppress heart), which is the best sleeping position for the body.
5. Excessive exercise
When strenuous exercise causes fatigue, if you fall sleep, the inhibition of the cerebral cortex increases, the excitability of erectile and ejaculatory centers increases, and spermatogenesis occur. 

In addition, exercise can speed up the blood circulation, the function of organs of the body is also enhanced, the blood which flows through the testis, prostate, seminal vesicle and other places increases, resulting in increased sperm and prostatic fluid, resulting in spermatorrhea. Wearing tight sports pants during sports can also lead to spermatorrhea due to the friction of sports equipment.
Inflammation of epididymitis produces a large number of metabolites, which can also poison sperm, or change the living environment of sperm, reduce sperm motility, increase the rate of abnormal sperm, reduce the number of sperm, and so on. It is reminded that if you often have frequent spermatorrhea, it is best to choose a regular hospital for treatment.
You can also take Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill with the great effects of clearing heat and detoxification, promoting qi and relieving pain, promoting diuresis and relieving stranguria. Therefore, they not only cure the epididymitis but also help patients to nurse their whole body and improve their immunity. There is also an obvious advantage in the treatment of natural medicine, that is, they will not cause side effects and any damage to the patient's body, so patients in the treatment can be more assured. 
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