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Why Is Your Epididymis Sensitive to Touch?
Epididymitis is a common disease among young people. When the body's resistance decreases, E.coli, Staphylococcus, Streptococcus, and other pathogenic bacteria will enter the vas deferens and retrograde invasion of epididymis, which can cause inflammation. Therefore, the disease is often followed by urethritis, prostatitis and seminal vesiculitis.

Can epididymitis cause testicular sensitivity?

Epididymitis, like other diseases, is also divided into acute and chronic condition. Therefore, when patients are diagnosed as epididymitis, they must distinguish whether it is an acute or chronic one, so they may specify the corresponding treatment plan.

A misdiagnosis will only delay the treatment, resulting in the deterioration of the condition. The causes of acute and chronic epididymitis are different, but they are related to each other, especially if acute epididymitis is not under-control, it is likely to develop into chronic cases. Thus it can lead to other complications. Epididymis can lead to testicular sensitivity.

Epididymitis can cause swelling of the testicles, so the testicles on the healthy side will sag.  Let's learn about the effect of acute epididymitis and chronic epididymitis on testicular sensitivity.

1. Acute epididymitis

Sudden high fever, increased leukocyte count, scrotal distention and pain, sinking feeling on the affected side and involving pain in the lower abdomen and groin aggravate when standing or walking. The epididymis on the affected side is swollen and has obvious tenderness. When the range of inflammation is large, the epididymis and testis are swollen, and the boundary between them is unclear, which is called epididymitis. In general, acute symptoms may gradually subside after one week.

2. Chronic epididymitis

Chronic epididymitis is more common. Some patients’ condition become chronic due to the failure of complete cure in an acute stage, but most patients have no clear acute stage. Inflammation is often secondary to chronic prostatitis or injury. The patient often feels a dull pain in the scrotum on the affected side and has a feeling of swelling and distention. The epididymis is often enlarged and hardened in different degrees. With mild tenderness, the ipsilateral vas deferens can be thickened.

The Harm of Epididymitis to Testicle

1. Renal weakness. If the men with epididymitis who suffer from sperm damage and kidney deficiency do not receive the relevant treatment in time, or there is no obvious effect in the long-term treatment, it will affect the generation and development of the male sperm. At the same time, men will be afraid of coldness, high temperature and has a backache and so on. Men will also speed up aging.

2. Loss of reproductive function. In male patients with epididymitis, the testicles will continue to shrink, which will affect the formation and development of male sperm. When some testicles shrink to the point where they cannot be observed with the naked eye, the male will also lose the function of spermatogenesis.

3. Cause of disease risk. Epididymitis is very harmful. It affects not only men's health and fertility but also brings other diseases to men. For example, prostatitis. It may also cause male tumors, and even endanger the life of patients when it is serious.

4. Loss of sexual function. In male patients with epididymitis, with the continuous atrophy of the testicles, the epididymis continues to be enlarged, which will cause the sexual ability of men to be affected.

Symptomatic treatment

1. Rest in bed for the treatment of acute epididymitis. Severe pain can be treated with painkillers. Local hyperthermia can relieve symptoms and promote inflammation to subside. However, early use of hyperthermia can aggravate pain and promote the spread of infection. Therefore, ice bags should be used for local cold compress in the early stage.

2. The treatment of chronic epididymitis with drugs alone is not enough. In addition to the use of effective broad-spectrum antibiotics, physical therapy such as local hot compresses is also necessary.

So epididymitis can cause testicular sensitivity. If we want to cure epididymitis, we can use natural herbal medicine. Epididymitis can be cured by taking Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill with great success rate which is above 93%.
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