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Yoga Postures Beneficial to Epididymitis Patients
Yoga can invigorate the reproductive system, prevent and assist in the treatment of various reproductive system diseases. It can reduce the disorder of the urinary system and extend the whole spine, neck, and shoulder muscles. It is particularly beneficial to the thyroid, parathyroid, adrenal, and genitals.
Besides, it can make men's bodies, especially the lower abdomen stronger and more energetic, and alleviate the symptoms such as prostatitis, impotence, testicular pain, premature ejaculation, and ejaculation disorders. Next I will introduce some poses are good for epididymitis.

Poses that need to sit and stretch the abdomen and the medial ligament of the thigh can make the gas and energy sink down into the abdomen and the kidneys. Among them, the most commonly used postures are butterfly pose, bunched angle pose, sitting pose, turtle pose, etc.
Butterfly pose
Sit, straighten the spine, bending your legs in front of your body, put the feet opposite to each other, fully extend the medial ligament of thighs, cross your hands, covering the forefoot, shaking the knees up and down with breathing at an even speed.
In the shaking, experience the slight vibration of the small abdomen. After shaking for a while, gradually slow down, put your elbows on the inside of your knees, inhale first, straighten your back, and when you exhale, press your knees down with the pressure of your elbows.

With the deepening of breathing, we can experience the stretch of thigh muscles, the relaxation, and the adduction of the abdomen, the purification of the reproductive organs of the abdomen, and the nourishment of blood.
Bridge pose
Lie on your back, bend your legs, keep your heels as close to your hips as possible, and step on the floor with your feet; stretch your arms straight, and press your palms down; as you inhale, tighten your hips and lift them up, arch your back, tighten your shoulders, and keep your jaw as close to your collarbone as possible.
Then try to keep your arms straight and your hands tight. Each time when you inhale deeply, your abdomen expands, abdomen stretches; when exhales, your abdomen retracts, abdomen tightens. Finally, as you exhale, relax and rest on your back.

Lizard pose
When inhaled, extend your arms forward and guide your upper body forward until your thighs are perpendicular to the ground, your hips are raised, your waist is down, and your jaw is touching the ground. Take a deep breath here, and it can effectively increase energy in the body.
In addition, there are cat style, tiger style, and handstand postures, such as plough style and shoulder handstand, which also have good effects.
Lifting the anus and contracting the perineum
When you inhaled or exhaled, the perineum and anus will be tightened up and lifted, hold your breath. Through the function of contraction, change the blood flow of this area, and increase the blood nourishment.

During the exercise, focus on the contracted part, keep the spine straight and upward, and promote the gas flow through the susumna tube in the middle of the spine and lift up, and diffuse outward with the nervous system. When you can no longer hold your breath, gently relax your anus or perineum.
Note: when doing this exercise, try to use the best sitting posture of two legs, so that the heel of one foot is against the perineum, and the heel of the other foot is folded back and forth with the heel in front.
Holding the perineum can promote vitality. If you have heart disease or high blood pressure, don't hold your breath, but use natural respiration; moreover, we can try to do exercises when standing, lying on the back or in the prone position.

Abdominal breathing, laryngeal breathing, meditation, rest techniques can make the heart peaceful, more focused, and the circulation of Qi and blood unimpeded. But yoga is not suitable for all people. If some people only practice yoga without any medication or treatment, then yoga can not help you achieve the purpose of cure. It only plays an auxiliary role, which is relatively weak.
The following five groups of people are not suitable for Yoga:
1. Patients with cervical and lumbar diseases
2. Patients with cardiovascular disease or obesity
3. Middle-aged and old people
4. Osteoporosis patients
5. Those who are in the poor physical condition and who are recovering from a serious illness
Traditional Chinese herbal medicine treatment is safe and can regulate patients comprehensively, so it has become the first choice of many patients. 

In clinical application, it is found that the Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can not only effectively eliminate patients' discomfort and epididymitis, but also improve the internal environment of patients' genitourinary system and immunity due to its effects of clearing away heat and detoxification, promoting blood circulation and Qi.
Tips: when you practice yoga at home, you should pay attention to safety. If you have symptoms such as lack of strength and hands shaking, you should take back your posture and consult a doctor if necessary. If you have some diseases, you need to consult a doctor and follow his guidance.
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