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Don't Forget the Balls: Testicle Massage
Men's testis is the place where sperm is produced, which can stimulate the secretion of gonads. Testicular massage is a very good health regimen, and massage on different parts will get corresponding effects. Men's massage of testicles can have the effect of invigorating Yang and enhancing sexual function. Let's introduce some correct massage methods for testicles.

1. Massage methods for hyposexuality

Testicular massage. Gently grasp the scrotum with one hand, press and relax, repeat 25 times, and perform this massage every day.

Press the perineum. As the stimulation center of sexual function, perineum is very important for both men and women. It can be pressed and kneaded.

Press "Changqiang" point. That is, the lumbosacral region, the Changqiang acupoint is also the focus of sexual stimulation, finger pressure 5 times, the action should be light.

Rub your waist. Lie on your back, clench your fists in both hands and bend your elbows. Place your fists between the bed and the back of your waist. Stick your fists to the bed, and press and knead them on both sides of your waist with the protrusion of your knuckles.

Press the lumbosacral canal. Sit and lean forward slightly. Bend the elbow, put the palms on the back of both sides of the waist as much as possible, apply the force of the palms (especially the hypothenar), and rub them down to the caudal and sacrum parts quickly, with heat. This method can stimulate Yang Qi in the kidney.

Take the medial surface of the thigh.

a. In the sitting position, first separate the right thumb from the four fingers, start from the upper inner side of the left thigh, knead the muscle inside the thigh and move down to the knee, operate 10 times and then change hands.

b. Push and rub the inner side of the left thigh to the knee with the palm of the right hand, with heat, and then change hands.

2. Massage methods for enhancing sexual function

Put the penis aside with one hand, put the other hand on the inner side of the leg root, and rub the leg root up and down for 36 times, then change hands, do the same rubbing for 36 times, and then lift the penis from the bottom up, and rub the lower abdomen with the other hand for 36 times.

3. Massage method for male body strengthening

The legs are naturally stretched out, separated, and the hands are rubbed. One hand is pressed on the abdomen (the pubic region), the other hand holds the penis around with the thumb and index finger. The two fingers are closed together to fix the penis. The other three fingers gently knead the testicles. Count silently 81 times, and then the left and right hands are changed. The same number is 81. The technique should be light, soft, gentle, even and comfortable.

4. Massage testicles with hot and cold method

This is a very old way to enhance men's sexual function. When using a cold and hot water alternate bath, it's better to leave the bath after the bath is fully warm. Apply the cold water to the vagina, wait for about 3 minutes, and enter the bath after the penis and scrotum contract. It can be finished after 3-5 times of repetition. If "alternate bath" can be insisted on every day, it will make the middle-aged men energetic, with enhanced sexual function and reduced fatigue, and take the shower with the showerhead has the same effect.

Testicles are the most important part of men's body. If there is a problem in testicles, it is easy to cause some genital diseases, and it is also easy to affect normal fertility and sexual function. Regular health care or massage of testicles can effectively achieve the function of invigorating the Yang and kidney, which is very good for the body and kidney. A series of diseases caused by testicles, such as orchitis, epididymitis, can be cured by taking Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill.
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