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Why Should Epididymitis Patients Avoid Coffee?
Epididymitis is a common physiological disease in the male population, which can occur at any age, mostly in young adults. The disease is often closely related to personal living habits and eating habits. If you want to recover from the disease, you need to develop good living and eating habits. So can epididymitis patients drink coffee?

After ingestion, caffeine in the coffee will be completely absorbed by the stomach and small intestine and decomposed in the liver to produce three primary metabolites: paraxanthine (84%), theobromine (12%) and theophylline (4%).
Theobromine is a phosphodiesterase inhibitor that can expand blood vessels and increase urine volume by increasing CAMP content in vascular smooth muscle cells. The content of caffeine in daily food is too weak compared with diuretics in terms of diuretic effect.
Regular coffee drinkers are less affected by the diuretic properties of the drink because they have a higher tolerance for caffeine. But the degree of influence also depends on individual tolerance, weight and age, and other factors.
Caffeine and other excitatory hormones will promote the metabolism of the human body. The water in the human body mainly consists of free water and combined water. When the metabolism of the human body is accelerated, the free water of the human body increases, and the osmotic pressure changes in the body.

As a result, it can stimulate the nerve center and then transmit to the hypothalamus to secrete diuretic hormone and the expansion of capillaries, so coffee can make people sweat and urinate.
The amount of coffee drinking will lead to frequent urination, urgent urination, abdominal pain, stimulation of the urethra, these factors will induce epididymitis and other inflammation. If the patient who has epididymitis drinks coffee, it may aggravate the condition.
When epididymitis is serious, it may even cause testicular spermatogenesis function to decline, testicular atrophy, etc., leading to male infertility. Therefore, active treatment is necessary. The treatment of chronic epididymitis with antibiotics alone is not necessarily ideal, so patients can consider the Chinese herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill.

Its heat-clearing, dampness-removing and detoxifying effect can effectively kill all kinds of pathogens, promote the microcirculation of the affected area, help the promote the absorption and dissipation of inflammation, promote Qi to relieve pain, effectively relieve the scrotum swelling and pain discomfort caused by chronic epididymitis, shrink the swollen epididymis, and help the patients recover.

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