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Epididymitis: Foods to Eat
Epididymitis is the most common infectious disease in the scrotum. In most cases, it is caused by bacteria spreading from infected urine, prostate, posterior urethra and seminal vesicle to epididymis through vas deferens. It is more common among  young people and the middle-aged.

If epididymitis is not treated in time, it is easy to have complications, such as seminal vesiculitis, prostatitis and so on. So to prevent complications, we must treat it in time. In the treatment of epididymitis, we must pay attention to the diet of the inflammation of the epididymis.

What food is good for epididymitis?

1. Eat more vegetables and fruits with more fiber, such as bananas, sweet potatoes, celery, etc., to keep the stool unobstructed.

epididymitis food

2. Phaseolus calcaratus or mung bean soup has the effect of clearing away heat, dampness and promoting detoxification. Drinking it often helps to recover from the disease.

a. Kelp and mung bean porridge

Ingredients: 50g mung beans, 30g rice, 20g kelp, a proper amount of white sugar.
Method: Cook mung beans and kelp first, then add rice and cook them into porridge, and add sugar before eatting.

Efficacy: it has the effect of removing dampness and swelling. It is suitable for
epididymitis caused by phlegm and dampness.

epididymitis food

b. Phaseolus anagularis, tomato, and black fungus soup

Ingredients: 100g phaseolus anagularis, 1 tomato, 50g black fungus

Method: Boil phaseolus anagularis for 15 minutes, add in black fungus, when they are all cooked, then add in tomato, take it 1 dose per day, for 2-3 times.

Efficacy: it has the effect of dispersing blood and eliminating swelling. Suitable for epididymitis caused by the congestion block.

3. Eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, and increase the intake of vitamin C and other ingredients to improve the anti-inflammatory ability of the body.

What food should be avoided for epididymitis?

1. Avoid spicy and stimulating food. For example, onion, pepper, black pepper, hot pepper, mustard, or fennel.

2. Quit smoking and alcohol, coffee and other exciting drinks should be avoided.

3. Avoid raw and cold food.

4. Eat less pig's feet, fish soup, mutton and other so-called "stimulating food", to avoid the increase of secretion in the inflamed part, and further infiltration and spread of orchitis and aggravation of symptoms.


The treatment of epididymitis is not only to choose the right method but also to do a good job in the daily care of epididymitis. The diet taboo of epididymitis is also very important for patients. If we don't pay attention to the diet, it will easily lead to the recurrence of epididymitis.

At present, male epididymitis affects all aspects of the human body. It is very important to understand the diet for the rehabilitation of epididymitis patients. Then epididymitis patients must pay attention to the taboo of diet, know what kind of food can not be eaten, and pay more attention to some food when eating.

Besides, epididymitis can be treated by taking natural herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, which has an effect of clearing away heat and detoxification, promoting blood circulation and Qi to relieve pain, diuresis and treat stranguria. It has a significant effect on curing epididymitis and can help patients recover with almost no rate of recurrence.
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