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Is It Common to Have Epididymitis with Knee Pain?
Among the patients with epididymitis, chronic epididymitis is more common than acute epididymitis, and this situation is caused by delayed treatment in the acute stage, and most chronic patients have no history of acute attacks.
The symptoms of chronic epididymitis are various, and the pain site is not fixed. Some patients may have scrotal ache, fall bilge feeling. The other patients may have local discomfort, falling distension, or scrotal pain. The pain produced may radiate to the lower abdomen and the groin on the same side.
The patient may have pain at the root of the thigh or the lower abdomen, and knee pain can also happen. It can occur on one side or both sides, and symptoms can vary from mild pain, intermittent discomfort to severe and persistent pain.
In the examination of chronic epididymitis, you can touch the epididymis with mild swelling, hardening, and induration, local light tenderness, thickening of the ureter on the same side, and there are usually acute attacks.
Because epididymitis is an infectious disease, it is almost impossible for it to go away naturally. If epididymitis is not treated in time, it can form fibrosis or local abscess, which has a bad effect on prognosis. Therefore, patients with epididymitis should be treated in a regular hospital as early as possible.

If it is acute non-specific epididymitis, sensitive antibiotics can be selected for treatment according to urine culture and drug sensitivity test. If the effect of the conventional medication is not good, we can choose the conservative herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill.
On the one hand, Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can remove the pathogens that cause the pathological changes of the epididymis, effectively sterilize and eliminate inflammation; on the other hand, it can effectively eliminate the swelling pain and discomfort of testis and epididymis, burning pain of urethra, alleviate the discomfort symptoms of urethral mucosa.
It can treat testis and epididymitis from various sources and lesions, and may also have some therapeutic effects in reducing the complications like epididymis cysts and epididymal nodules.
Because of the high incidence and recurrence rate of epididymitis, male friends should also pay attention to prevention at ordinary times. During treatment, patients can cooperate with some diet therapy to promote the recovery of the at the same time.

It is advised to keep a light diet because irritating food might cause an increase of secretion in the inflamed part, further infiltration, and spread of orchitis, and aggravation of symptoms. Besides, you need to quit smoking and alcohol and avoid drinking large quantities of caffeinated drinks.
Diet therapy for epididymitis:
1. 50g fresh clam meat and boil them in soup, take it once a day.
2. 50g japonica rice, 1 towel gourd, and cook them into porridge, take it once a day.
3. 18G kidney meridian grass, 15g Cimicifuga, decoct them with water and take 1 dose per day.
4. 30g fresh herba glechomae, decoct it with water and take 1 dose per day.
I hope these recipes may be helpful to you and best wishes for your recovery!
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