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Why Do Some Patients Still Have Pain After Treating Epididymitis?
Epididymitis is a common clinical disease. The main reason for epididymitis disease is bacterial infection through the urethral channel after urethritis and accompanied by symptoms of prostatitis and epididymitis. The clinical manifestation of epididymitis is the part pain of the epididymis, and patients can touch the tenderness points, most of which are around the testicles. 

Epididymis head is above, below is the cauda. Inflammation will result in hyperemia and swelling, and the swelling can be touched and be tenderness. Uncontrolled epididymitis can develop, which can be accompanied by swelling of the testicles.
Causes of pain after treatment of epididymitis
First of all, if the testicles are pinched, people with epididymitis will still feel pain in the testicles. Although the epididymitis is cured, it does not mean that the bacteria inside has been completely eliminated. There may still be some bacteria remaining in the epididymis, and it takes a certain time to decrease slowly. 
Secondly, although the disease of epididymitis is treated, there will be a recurrence of the possibility. So for patients with epididymitis must remember to review in time. The patient can find the cause of the disease in time and use effective methods to remedy the case again.
In addition, patients should pay attention to the protection of the testis, don’t let it be impacted by external forces, maintain a reasonable number of sexual life, and do not give too much burden on the testis. The above behaviors are conducive to reducing the recurrence of epididymitis.
Thirdly, even if epididymitis has fully recovered or patients who never have the symptom of epididymitis, when the force pinching the testis is too large, they can also feel pain. Because the testis is a very fragile part, and the testicular nerve is also very sensitive. Using the external force extrusion will certainly be a certain pain. So no matter who got epididymitis or normal people is best not to pinch testicles when it is cured.
Fourthly, after treatment of epididymitis, the recurrence rate of the disease is relatively high. If the patient has an obvious scleroma phenomenon or the symptoms of local inflammation infection, it is best to choose an appropriate treatment method and usually pay more attention to physical exercise.
Finally, epididymal inflammation is manifested as dampness and heat injection, phlegm dampness, congestion, and other factors blockage, leading to local Qi and blood obstruction. There will be pain after treatment. It may be some reasons that clothes are too tight, and therefore comfortable clothes should be properly worn. In addition, patients should pay attention to local cleanliness and hygiene, then eat more light food, do not smoke and drink for a long time to avoid the recurrence of the disease.
After epididymitis is cured, the condition can occur again, mainly because the bacteria infects the mucous membrane of the testis, causing the painful symptoms to reappear. It is recommended to carry out the color ultrasound and urine routine and other careful examinations. After diagnosing, men can take herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill to achieve complete cure. 
For patients with epididymitis, timely treatment can reduce the incidence of disease. Without timely treatment, it will affect the health situation.
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