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Epididymitis: Hot or Cold Compresses?
Epididymitis is a common and frequently-occurring disease in urology, which may cause pain, redness and swelling at the root of the scrotum. Local cold or hot compresses can relieve local pain. But, which one should patients choose? Hot compresses or cold compresses?

Whether epididymitis requires hot or cold compresses is depended on the stage of the disease. If the epididymitis is in the early or acute phase, and the patient has obvious pain. In this case, a local cold compress can be applied during antibiotic treatment. It can reduce the exudation of inflammation and relieve the pain. The patient can use an ice pack with a towel on the outer bag for a local cold compress.
If epididymitis turns into chronic symptoms after treatment, local hot compresses can be applied under the premise of antibiotic treatment. A hot compress can increase the blood circulation of the epididymis and promote the absorption of inflammatory substances, thereby reducing the patient's stasis. It has a certain positive effect on rapid recovery. An epididymal hot compress can relieve pain, but patients must pay attention to the temperature. Otherwise, it will cause dead sperm and affect the quality of sperm. Do not do it too frequently, 1-2 times a week, each time within 10-20 minutes. Take a shower after 4 hours.
Therefore, whether epididymitis needs cold compress or hot compress, it should be analyzed comprehensively according to the specific situation of the patient. Cold compresses can be used in the early stage, and hot compresses can be used in the chronic stage. Specific treatments cannot be generalized.
Other treatments for epididymitis
1. Medication:
Epididymitis cannot be completely treated by hot or cold compresses. Therefore, if your inflammation is more serious, you must take anti-inflammatory medicine. Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can be used to treat epididymitis and it works effectively by eliminating inflammation and avoiding further spread.
2. Analgesic treatment:
Acute epididymitis has severe symptoms of swelling and pain in the early stage of onset. Lidocaine and dexamethasone can be used for closed treatment, which can relieve the symptoms in a short time and promote the absorption of inflammation masses.
3. Surgery:
Surgery is required in a few cases. For example, epididymitis do not improve or worsen after general treatment; testicular or scrotal wall abscess needs to be incised and drained to decompress; the testis and epididymis cause severe ischemia and hypoxia symptoms due to inflammation, which surgery can be considered.
4. Diet:
Patients with epididymitis can not eat spicy foods, and hot foods such as lamb, dog meat, and leeks. Eat regularly, do not be a picky eater. Matching and balanced nutrition can help the body to recover.
5. Daily life
Patients with epididymitis should pay attention to rest. Never stay up late. Sleep before 10 o’clock every night. Get enough sleep to feel energetic. All parts of the body can also detoxify normally. After the inflammation is eliminated, physical exercise like swimming, running, etc., can enhance resistance.
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