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Fallopian Tube Blockage

Female Infertility This is What Happens if Fallopian Tube is Blocked .

Let’s See the Factors That Responsible for the Female Infertility :

Problems With The Ovulation is the Primary Causes of Infertility amount most of the Women . With Out Ovulation There are no Eggs to be fertilized .
Some Signs That a Women Is Not Ovulating Normally Include Irregular or No Menstrual Periods.
Very Less Common Factors that Are Responsible for Female Infertility :

  1. Blocked Fallopian Tubes .

  2. Pelvic Inflammatory Disease .

  3. Endometriosis .

  4. Surgery Of an Ectopic Pregnancy .

  5. Problems With the Uterus.

  6. Uterine Fibroids.

  1. Blocked Fallopian Tubes :  Problems with the fallopian tubes are the Most Common causes of female infertility . And the Fallopian Tube Blockage  Is The Most Common cause among the Problems With Fallopian Tubes . Most Of The  Fallopian Tube Blockage is Caused By Any Previous Infection. Sexually Transmitted Diseases or infections are the common causes . Tubal Ligation for Sterilization or other Types of Surgery is an other Cause .Endometriosis Is also Listed as a common cause of fallopian tube problems that gradually changes in to fallopian tube blockage . Scarring of fallopian tubes associated with the previous pelvic surgery .

How to know If the Fallopian Tubes are Blocked ?

To find Out If the Fallopian Tubes are Blocked  The doctor May suggest a Laparoscopy or a hysterosalpingogram , What we generally call as HSG Test. In an HSG Test Liquid Dye Is inserted By a catheter through the vagina in to the uterus and abdomen Then the X-rays are taken to see is there is a blockage . An Other Method of HSG Uses Saline and air rather then dye and an ultrasound instead of X-rays , If you have Problems with fallopian tubes , The Doctor May Recommend the Surgery to Clear the Damage or to Open the Tubes which are blocked . If you are ovulating Normally The Medical Professional Might Also Consider Assisted Reproductive Methods That Neglects the Use of fallopian tubes .
The Methods Include :
a) IntraCytoplasmic Sperm Injection.(ICSI) 
b) Intrauterine Insemination .(IUI) 
c) In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) .

How Does Endometriosis Effects Fallopian Tube Blocking:

Endometriosis Is a common and painful disease That is affecting 70% of the women , And is The Common cause of infertility in women .

What Happens In Endometriosis That Effects Fertility in women?

During Normal Menstrual Cycle The Inner Lining Of the Uterus Which is called Endometrium Starts To Thicken in order for you to Pregnant.
If you haven’t Pregnant Your Body sheds the Endometrium Through the Menstruation Process .
While we doesn’t Know The Reason For the Endometriosis Where The Similar Endomitrium tissue Growth Can be seen in Various parts of the female reproductive System .

The grown of the endometrium even can appear in the Ovaries or on the Ovaries . and also can be found in any part of the Female Reproductive System Starting with Cervix to the Bladder . As the Grown Tissue Acts as similar to Endometrial Tissue During your Menstruation . As The Behavior Of the Endometrial Tissue is to Thicken and Shed The Growth of the Endometrial Tissue on other parts of the reproductive system causes Irritation , Inflammation & Farms Scar Tissue , The Growth Of this tissue Prevents Eggs Moving Out of the Ovaries or This Scar Tissue may even Block The Fallopian tubes Preventing the meeting of the Egg and the Sperm This is why the Fertilization may be Obstructed By The Endometriosis .

The Presence of Endometriosis that is the development of the endometrial Tissue On other parts of the reproductive system also causes certain Symptoms Which Include Pelvic pain , Painful Intercourse , Painful Urination . Painful Bowel Movements During Menstruation Some Women May also Experience Severe Abdominal Pain , Lower Back Pain , Heavy Bleeding During The Period , Spotting between Periods and Common Fatigue .

Can I Pregnant When I Have Endometriosis ?

You can be Pregnant If you have endometriosis Normally , But If you are having problems becoming Pregnant Endometriosis Might be The Main Cause of the Infertility . To find out If Endometriosis is the Reason for Infertility , The Medical Professional Might Suggest you for a Laparoscopy In which the Medical Professional inserts a camera through a tube in to your abdomen to find the abnormal grown of the endometrial tissue , After the Laparoscopy The Medical Professional Might take a biopsy of the Endometrial Tissue that Grown in the Places where it Should Not .

Once the medical Professional Confirms that the Abnormal Grown Tissue is an Endometrial Tissue and it’s the cause of the Infertility . The Medical Professional will Suggest you with several Treatment Options Depending on the Severity of the Disease or severity of the Endometrial Tissue Growth .
Common treatment Option Include Medication or combine with a Surgery Depending on the Severity of the Endometrial Tissue Growth .This can Reduce pain and Inflammation In most cases .

Surgery as an option for Infertility among women with endometriosis:

Surgery may be required for patients suffering from endometriosis and are unable to pregnant .
The Surgeon Removes The Unwanted Endometrial Tissue As much as possible which can Increases the Chances for the Women to Pregnant once the Extra Grown Endometrial Tissue has been Removed .
However the Pregnancy rates tends to Be Very low for the Women Who is Suffering from Severe Endometriosis . 

Does Fertility Drugs can help Women with Endometriosis causing Infertility?

Since Large Number of Women with endometriosis Are having problems with Ovulating There is an other treatment for Such Cases that is The Use of Fertility Drugs which are used to induce ovulation , Inject able Hormones Also can be used sometimes for the same reason Once The Patient Begin to Ovulate and produce eggs ,The Health Professional Then Suggests for a Artificial Insemination in which sperm is injected in to the Uterus Using an Injection where Patient need not to undergo reproduction Process .

Studies Shows that there are Surgery or Medicinal Treatment of endometriosis sometimes may even prevent Pregnancy and Hormone injecting also causes Serious Birth Defects so its Important for the Patient To discuss with the Health Professional If The Patient is Planning to Conceive If The Patient Is Undergoing treatment for Endometriosis .


PID Pelvic Inflammatory Disease Is an Other Major cause of Infertility Among Women :

PID or Pelvic Inflammatory Disease is an Infection Of Female Reproductive Organs & it’s An Serious Complication Caused By Std Sexually Transmitted Diseases . Among Women This Can Cause Irreversible Damage to the Reproductive Organs which include Ovaries , Fallopian Tube , Uterus etc.
Which is why the PID Is Becoming a Primary Reason For The Infertility Among Women .

How Does PID Pelvic Inflammatory Disease Effects Infertility and What happens During the Pelvic Inflammatory Disease ?

Women External Reproductive Organ The Vagina Is Exposed to Different Kinds of Bacteria which may be due to Intercourse with multiple Partners or unhygienic Conditions , There are the Lots of ways that a Vagina Can be exposed to Bacteria & Viruses .Cervix of Uterus is an internal reproductive part which prevents these bacteria to enter in to uterus or any other parts of the Reproductive System .

But If the Cervix is Exposed to those Bacteria or virus it will then infected with the same bacteria Or Virus and looses the Anchoring Function which then spreads the Disease Caused by those Bacteria or Virus in to the internal parts of the Female Reproductive System .

As the Cervix itself has infected all other parts of the Female Reproductive System will be infected Gradually which then causes the PID Pelvic Inflammatory Disease , Untreated Diseases like Gonorrhea & Chlamydia are the major causes of PID Pelvic inflammatory Disease , Less common Causes may include Abortion , Child Birth , Pelvic Procedures etc.

Can I Know If I have PID Pelvic Inflammatory Disease by its Symptoms ?

The PID Pelvic Inflammatory disease Symptoms may vary depending on the Bacteria or the Virus that caused the Primary Infection .
But Most Common Symptoms include Dull pain or Tenderness In the Lower Abdomen Area , Pain In the Right Upper Abdomen , Abnormal Vaginal Discharge That can be Yellow or Green In Color Less Common Cases White Color Which Has Strange Odor, Painful Urination , Pain During the Sex , Chills & High Fever , Nausea & Vomiting .

Am I at a Risk of Having PID Pelvic Inflammatory Disease ?

Yes, You are if you have had history of STD . The Women With Sexually Transmitted Diseases are most likely to develop PID or At least they are at higher risk of having PID . Stats shows that Sexually Active Teenagers are at higher Risk of developing PID  , Women with More Then one Sexual Partners are at greater risk of Having STD / PID .

Recent Studies Showing that the Douching may push bacteria in to upper genital tract and may mask the discharge that could alert a women to seek medical attention .


How to find if I have a PID Pelvic Inflammatory Disease ?

The Health Professional Has to Go through all your health history before he/she go for any confirmation of the PID . The Health Professional Might Ask you For the Symptoms that you are having , May perform a pelvic exam to know the health of the reproductive organs , If there is any discharge from the vagina he might suggest you with a swab test of the discharge , may check for Gonorrhea & Chlamydia Infection , cervix , tenderness of the cervix also be checked along with the fallopian tube , the Doctor then determines the PID .

Which later he will suggest some tests which may include Blood Test which is to analyze the evidence of bacterial Infection , Ultrasound or Sonogram to View the Reproductive organs , Other tests may include Endometrial Biopsy , Laparoscopy .During the Endometrial Biopsy a Small Piece of the Endometrial Tissue is taken from the lining of the uterus which is then used to evaluate and test for the infection .

while Laparoscopy is a procedure where the Medical Professional Inserts a Small Camera along with a tube in to the lower abdomen through a small incision That Allows Medical Professional To Look at the Reproductive Organs and examine the Amount of damaged caused .

What Kinds Are The Treatments for PID Pelvic Inflammatory Disease ?

 If The Patient Diagnosed with The PID Pelvic Inflammatory Disease , The Health Professional Would Suggest the Treatment as soon as possible there are 3 common types of treatment is done The First one is for the Mild Cases where the Health Professional Prescribes Antibiotic Medication which are taken orally . The second one for the More Significant Cases Where The Combination of Oral and Intervenes Antibiotics will be given to the patients , The Third for the Severe Cases The Patient Must be Hospitalized and Intervenes Antibiotics are given to the patient Until The Patient Reaches a Stable Condition .

Natural Herbal Treatment :  An Alternative Medicine Suggests That the Traditional Chinese Medicine could Treat the Disease With out Antibiotics Where patients with Antibiotic Drug Resistance Has The Only Option To take Oral Herbal medication .TCM Traditional Chinese Medicine Suggests that The patient along with her Sex partners Should go through the Oral Traditional Chinese Medicine Treatment and Not to have sex Until they Recheck again for no signs of infection .

Surgery as an Treatment Option for PID Pelvic Inflammatory Disease :

Not All Forms of PID Can be Treated with Surgery , Only in Cases where PID Causes an abscess . Abscess is the Condition where Inflamed Tissue Forms as a Collection Of Pus & When Antibiotics are no longer effective as There are number of patients develop Resistance to Antibiotics . As patient Develops Resistance towards Antibiotics TCM Traditional Chinese Medicine & Surgery are only 2 options left for the treatment .

The Surgery Performed on the Patient where The Abscess  or is removed in order to prevent the spreading of the infection to other parts of the Reproductive organs like pelvis and abdomen . Depending on the Severity of the disease Surgery can be done with either Laparoscopy or Laparotomy . For the Mild Cases Laparoscopy is done as small Incisions is done on the Lower part of the abdomen and Surgeon Then Performs the Surgery Through those small incisions . Where as Laprotomy is done by opening the Abdomen and Performing the surgery in which The Surgeon is able to view the Reproductive organs Clearly with the Naked eyes . Both Surgeries are performed under General Anesthesia .

If the Abscess Present on the Uterus or ovaries The Health Professional Might Suggest patient with Hysterectomy . Hysterectomy is the Process where the Surgery is performed on the patient to remove the Uterus , Oophorectomy is a process where surgery is performed on the patient to remove the ovaries . Another Surgical Procedure may be Suggested to the patient where there is no chronic pain , infection , inflammation , Abscess Present Are those that Involve Nerve Ablation .

Destruction surgery in which the nerve that provides the sensation to the organs in the Pelvis are removed or destroyed Under the Supervision of the Professional & Well Experienced Surgeon The Pain can Be Relived . Please consider having an well experienced health professional to perform such surgery or it may cause severe nervous system problems .

What should I Worry about if I have PID Pelvic Inflammatory Disease ?

An Untreated PID Pelvic Inflammatory Disease can result in Scarring of the Fallopian tube which resulting in Infertility among women , Ectopic Pregnancy , Chronic Pelvic Pain .

One in Eight Women are Experiencing Infertility due to PID Pelvic Inflammatory Disease .

How do I Prevent PID Pelvic Inflammatory Disease ?

PID Pelvic Inflammatory Disease Can be prevented as you Know Prevention is better then Cure . The Major Reason For the PID Pelvic Inflammatory disease is STD Sexually Transmitted Diseases or an STI Sexually Transmitted Infections .
Below are some prime Steps to be taken to Prevent PID :

  1. Having No More then One Sex Partner .
  2. Regular Health Checkup .
  3. Taking Hygienic Food to develop Immune system in the body .  

Alternative Medicine Treatment Options:

As we have seen different Treatment methods through the western medicine . There are no Study until today gives us a Prime reason behind the diseases like Endometriosis , PID Pelvic Inflammatory Disease , Fallopian Tube Blockage , Fallopian Tube Damage .

But Traditional Chinese Medicine with 2000 Years of History Tells Us that This Inflammation , Infections and certain conditions are caused by qi which is determined as positive and negative energies in our body , and Due to the Damp heat in the lower part of our body .

There are also Surgical Methods available in the Traditional Chinese Medicine , Where as The Herbalists Says That Herbal Treatment which consists of 50 Different Herbs with which are heated in a specific pots for a specific Amount of Time and the Extract then designed in to a pill which is used to decrease the damp heat in the lower part of the body and Boost Immune system and balance the qi positive and negative energies which helps Patients to Fight Against The Infections and Inflammation  Against those diseases .

The Treatment which is done by the Traditional Chinese Medicine is taken along with the Diet in order to acquire the greater results , Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners Says That Eating Certain Foods Like Spicy , sea food , wine along with the Herbal Medicine will Decrease the effects of the Herbal Medicine Which is because According to TCM Traditional Chinese Medicine Foods Like Spicy , Sea Food , Wine Increases the Damp heat in our body which is then prohibited to be use while using herbal medicine in order to achieve Greater Results .

The Duration of the Treatment , As studies Shows that Herbal medications Taking Longer Time For the Treatment . Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners Says That A Disease is Not caused in a single day , It takes certain amount of time for the disease to attack the human body and develop in the body and thus infection can not be Gone in a day or two as it takes time for a disease to develop in a body it takes time for Herbs to remove the Disease from the body so The Duration Of the treatment depends on the severity of the Disease and How effective the Patient Is on the Given diet .

We have seen a large number of Cases Where Patients Found that they have no signs of symptoms in 3 Months and some patients Shows less or No Sign Of infections . Which Gives patients an other Alternative Non-Surgical Treatment Option .

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