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8 Factors in Hydrosalpinx That Cause Female Infertility
Many women with hydrosalpinx do not understand the causes of hydrosalpinx. Because fallopian tubes are an essential way to transport sperm and eggs, hydrosalpinx can lead to infertility. 
Women who have symptoms of hydrosalpinx should seek treatment to avoid infertility. Drug therapy is a better choice for patients, such as herbal medicine Fuyan Pill. The ingredients of Fuyan Pill are purely natural and harmless, which will not cause harm to the body, and can naturally and effectively treat hydrosalpinx. It can also clean up toxins in the body and increase the chance of natural conception. 

So what are the causes of hydrosalpinx? 
Factors of hydrosalpinx
1. Hygiene Problem:
The lack of attention causes hydrosalpinx to hygiene during childbirth, miscarriage, daily life, especially menstrual hygiene, and inflammation caused by a series of gynecological operations. It may also be caused by inflammation of nearby organs.
2. Tissue adhesion
When chronic salpingitis occurs, the fimbriae end of the fallopian tube is partially or entirely atresia, and it adheres to the surrounding tissues. If the fimbriae of the fallopian tube are blocked due to inflammation, the serous exudate accumulation will lead to tubal effusion formation. Sometimes the pus in the tubal empyema is gradually absorbed, which can also lead to the formation of tubal effusion.
3. Neighboring organ infection: 
If the organ around the fallopian tube has inflammation, it may cause the inflammation to spread. If the fallopian tube is invaded by inflammation, then hydrosalpinx may occur.
4. Unclean sex: 
Women who have too much sex or have sex during menstruation are prone to infection and salpingitis, which can lead to hydrosalpinx.
5. Busywork: 
In ordinary life, sitting for a long time and lack of exercise may lead to hydrosalpinx. There are many senior white-collar workers in the city. Their daily life and work are relatively busy. And the life pace is also swift, and they do things all day. So they ignore themselves. People's body health problems often lead to poor blood circulation when sitting, which brings conditions to the growth of bacteria. At the same time, the weakened immune system is also straightforward to infect bacteria.
6. Irregular work and rest time: 
Now that information technology is relatively advanced. Many females habitually go to bed late, sometimes staying up late until 1 to 2 a.m. So, everybody's organ cannot be rested, so its function cannot be fully exerted. When the whole body is work and rest time is disturbed, the disease of the fallopian tube is also straightforward to be triggered, so it is easy to suffer from hydrosalpinx.
7. Pelvic infection: 
Hydrosalpinx may exist due to childbirth, abortion, drug abortion, labor induction, IUD, IUD removal, examination, gynecological inflammation, and other factors. Most of these are now performed in the uterine cavity or caused by organ damage during assessment and treatment of gynecological inflammation. Every patient's condition is different, and the causes and symptoms that appear are also different.
8. Surgical infection
The careless operation will cause hydrosalpinx. Sometimes a female bleeds and forms a scab-like package during the operation, or the lining of the fallopian tube cavity is damaged. In some hospitals, the lack of strict disinfection treatment can also cause hydrosalpinx.

What are the hazards of hydrosalpinx to women?
1. Irregular menstruation: Hydrosalpinx will be accompanied by inflammation, which can easily cause females to experience symptoms of irregular menstruation, such as increased menstrual flow or excessive menstrual cycles.
2. Dysmenorrhea: Hydrosalpinx will directly cause strong dysmenorrhea in females. The closer the menstrual period, the more severe the pain.
3. Female infertility: Hydrosalpinx can cause obstruction and stickiness of the fallopian tubes, leading to the inability to discharge the eggs and make women unable to get pregnant.

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