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What are the Consequences of Hydrosalpinx? How to do It?
Many people think that the problem of hydrosalpinx is not significant, and it is good to reduce inflammation. It is not the case. If there is no timely treatment for hydrosalpinx, it may continue to develop and lead to adhesion or blockage. And the situation of hydrosalpinx will also affect the passage of sperm and directly affect conception. Therefore, you should pay attention to hydrosalpinx.

The probability of hydrosalpinx being discovered in clinical diagnosis and treatment is not high. Most female friends go to the hospital because of long-term infertility, and then they find some diseases such as hydrosalpinx, blockage, etc.
If we can pay attention to our physical discomfort, earlier detection and treatment will make it easier to get pregnant.
So, what physical symptoms should you notice? 
1. Infertility
A woman with bilateral hydrosalpinx can block the fallopian tubes and cause female infertility. If you have this sign, you should go to the hospital to check it timely.
2. Irregular menstruation
In hydrosalpinx, the ovaries are infected by bacteria, causing abnormal ovulation and menstrual disorders, heavy menstrual flow, or increased menstrual frequency.
3. Low back pain
Due to inflammatory stimulation, patients will experience lumbosacral pain. But the degree varies, someone is heavy, but someone is light. The more severe the disease, the more pronounced the pain will be, affecting daily life.
4. Abdominal pain
Many women with hydrosalpinx experience frequent abdominal pain. If you have recurring pain on one or both sides of your lower abdomen, you must pay attention to it! It's best to do a check-in time!
5. Changes in secretions
Hydrosalpinx is mostly caused by inflammation that cannot control in time. Most friends with hydrosalpinx will find increased secretions, especially if many friends have intermittent discharge, which is what we often call watery leucorrhea.
So how to deal with hydrosalpinx?

1. Surgical treatment

If the volume of hydrosalpinx is small, the condition is relatively mild, does not cause other symptoms, has no fertility requirements for the time being, generally no special treatment, regular observation can be. Suppose the volume of hydrosalpinges is relatively large. In that case, the symptoms are more serious, oppression of normal surrounding tissues or organs such as the uterus and ovary, the patient has fertility requirements, it is necessary for timely surgical treatment. The surgical treatment can be tubal umbrella end ostomy, tubal fenestration, and pelvic adhesion release. Antibiotics should be used 5 to 7 days after the surgery to prevent infection.
2. Antibiotic treatment

The appearance of hydrosalpinx is a manifestation of inflammation of the fallopian tube. Due to bacterial, viral, and mycoplasma microbial infection, which can lead to inflammation of the fallopian tube, mucosal congestion and edema, and increased exudate, which can lead to hydrosalpinx. It can seriously affect pregnancy, lead to infertility, and increase the probability of ectopic pregnancy. Under the guidance of a doctor, sensitive antibiotics can be actively used for treatment. At the same time, local hot compress and physical therapy can be used to help the absorption of effusion.
3. Traditional Chinese medicine conditioning

Hydrosalpinx is mainly caused by the lack of timely control of inflammation, and oral administration of traditional Chinese medicine is the primary method of treating hydrosalpinx. Herbal medicine Fuyan Pil clears heat, detoxifies, activates blood, and removes blood stasis.
The above are the symptoms of hydrosalpinx and how to deal with it. You should hurry up for diagnosis and treatment if you have similar symptoms.
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