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Things You Need to Know about Hydrosalpinx and Ectopic Pregnancy
A woman's fallopian tubes are the bridges that transport sperm and eggs. Hydrosalpinx is a manifestation of an inflammatory reaction. Because of an inflammatory response, the fallopian tube is blocked to varying degrees. 
Therefore, after the sperm and the egg are fertilized, they cannot successfully pass through the fallopian tube and return to the uterus for implantation. Instead, they are carried out in a specific part of the fallopian tube and begin implantation, leading to ectopic pregnancy.

Hydrosalpinx can be understood as incomplete atresia to a certain extent. Hydrosalpinx usually destroys the mucosa of the fallopian tube. Especially severe hydrosalpinx can lead to the complete loss of normal function of the fallopian tube. It can also cause the torsion of the fallopian tube. The blockage and adhesion at the torsion will affect the local blood circulation for a long time, eventually leading to blockage or even necrosis.
For patients with mild hydrosalpinx, the degree of influence on pregnancy is not so obvious. As long as the mucosal cells of the fallopian tube and smooth muscle peristalsis are not affected, the fallopian tube can maintain the function of transporting eggs. But hydrosalpinx may lead to the partial loss of fallopian tube function, resulting in the accumulation of eggs in the fallopian tube, which is one of the reasons for ectopic pregnancy.
In addition, hydrosalpinx will also bring the following hazards to female fertility:
1. Harm to the Embryo: Hydrosalpinx will cause particular harm to the embryo. The quality of the embryo will affect the implantation of the embryo. Hydrosalpinx will hinder the embryo's development, and its toxic substances will flow into the uterine cavity during embryo transfer. It will have a poisonous effect on the embryo transferred into the uterus, affecting the embryo's development, reducing the embryo's implantation ability, and affecting the pregnancy of women.
2. Infertility: Hydrosalpinx can cause obstruction, blockage, adhesion, and other damage in the fallopian tube lumen, resulting in the inability to discharge eggs, which can endanger the normal reproductive function of female patients, resulting in reproductive difficulties or direct infertility.
Traditional Chinese medicine(TCM) believes that hydrosalpinx is the invasion of dampness and heat into the human body, which leads to the dysfunction of the patient's kidney function and endocrine system, causing blood stasis and other diseases, including hydrosalpinx. Therefore, in treating hydrosalpinx, it is necessary to eliminate dampness and blood stasis so that the patient's condition can be controlled as soon as possible. 
Fuyan Pill is a proprietary herbal medicine for the treatment of hydrosalpinx. The ingredients in Fuyan Pill include yam, licorice, safflower, and other herbs. They can promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis, which can relieve abdominal distension and pain caused by hydrosalpinx. Long-term use of this medicine can eliminate inflammation in the fallopian tube and cure hydrosalpinx.
A healthy body is an ideal place to give birth to a baby, so please pay attention to this disease and do not slack off. Patients with hydrosalpinx can easily cause fertilized eggs to fail to reach the uterus, resulting in the risk of ectopic pregnancy. Therefore, patients with hydrosalpinx should receive treatment before considering pregnancy and childbirth. Women who are already pregnant should also check whether their hydrosalpinx condition affects the fetus. 
Only with careful treatment of hydrosalpinx can women have a successful pregnancy and a healthy baby.
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