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How Can Hydrosalpinx be Considered Severe?

Hydrosalpinx is a common disease that occurs in the female reproductive system. It often refers to fluid accumulation in fallopian tubes caused by inflammation of fallopian tubes, surgery or other factors. Women should pay attention to hydrosalpinx because it may lead to problems like women infertility or habitual abortion etc. 


In what conditions can hydrosalpinx be considered severe? This topic will be analyzed in the following aspects.

First, it is required to know the causes of hydrosalpinx. Hydrosalpinx is usually caused by inflammation of the fallopian tubes, infection, surgery, or other factors. Without timely treatment, it may result in the thickening of the fallopian tube wall, narrowing of the lumen, and increased fluid accumulation, which may affect the function of fallopian tubes and fertility. Therefore, timely diagnosis and treatment should be performed for patients with hydrosalpinx. 

Besides, it is required to know the classification of hydrosalpinx. By the severity of the condition, hydrosalpinx can be classified as mild hydrosalpinx, moderate hydrosalpinx, and severe hydrosalpinx. Mild hydrosalpinx generally refers to less fluid accumulation in fallopian tubes with a less extensive fluid accumulation range. Moreover, fallopian tubes can function normally in this case. 


Moderate hydrosalpinx refers to a large amount of fluid accumulation in fallopian tubes with a wide range of fluid accumulation. However, fallopian tubes can still function. Severe hydrosalpinx refers to a lot of fluid accumulation in fallopian tubes with a pervasive fluid accumulation range, resulting in severe damage to the function of fallopian tubes and thus affecting fertility. 

How can hydrosalpinx be considered severe?

Firstly, the severity of hydrosalpinx is related to fluid accumulation degree. Common hydrosalpinx usually refers to mild fluid accumulation in fallopian tubes that can lead to slight tubal congestion and embolism. Under this condition, surgical intervention is generally not required. Common hydrosalpinx can be cured with medication, acupuncture, and other methods. More severe hydrosalpinx usually refers to a large amount of fluid accumulation in fallopian tubes accompanied by swelling and twisting. In this case, surgery is required to keep the tubes open.

Secondly, the severity of hydrosalpinx is also related to the inflammation caused by it. Hydrosalpinx will usually lead to abnormal menstruation, dysmenorrhea, infertility, abortion, and other problems, the severity of which has a strong connection with the severity of hydrosalpinx symptoms. Mild hydrosalpinx usually leads to slight abnormal menstruation, dysmenorrhea and similar issues. Severe hydrosalpinx may cause severe infertility or repeated infertility etc.

Thirdly, the severity of hydrosalpinx is related to the treatment difficulty. Mild hydrosalpinx can be treated by self-conditioning, for example, exercising, having a light diet, avoiding overwork, and so on, which is easy to be carried out. However, surgical treatment or medication is required for patients with severe hydrosalpinx. That is even harder.

In general, the severity of hydrosalpinx and the treatment difficulty are all connected with the fluid accumulation degree, symptoms it causes, etc. Therefore, it is recommended to seek medical advice and take suitable treatment measures early when hydrosalpinx occurs to prevent worsening and affecting fertility and health.

Conservative treatments, such as TCM treatment, acupuncture, moxibustion, physical therapy, etc., are generally carried out for mild and moderate hydrosalpinx. Fuyan Pill stands out from all kinds of TCM choices. It can eliminate the symptoms of patients and increase conception chances.

What else needs to do is to avoid sexual life and pelvic stimulation. Patients with severe hydrosalpinx may need to accept surgery.

In addition, the female group needs to keep healthy and prevent being affected by overwork, emotional instability, unreasonable diet, etc. In this way, the occurrence of hydrosalpinx and other problems can be prevented.

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