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Hydrosalpinx - one cause of infertility can be cured by herbal pill thoroughly
I know a patient who has hydrosalpinx on both tubes. The right one is 2cm and the left one is 1cm. This patient's hydrosalpinx is severe, but after three months treatment with our herbal pill - fuyan pill, now, both of her Fallopian tubes are unblocked and has 8 weeks pregnant.
Hydrosalpinx is a disease can be cured by hydrotubation, but because of the high relapse rate, so more and more women tend to find other natural and safe way to cure this disease.
Fuyan pill is such a natural and safe treatment. As you may know that Fallopian tubes won't produce hydrops without any reasons. Most possible reason is bacterial infection. Maybe hydrops can be cleared by hydrotubation, but not the bacterial infection. Fuyan pill is an amazing pill that not only can clear away bacterial infection, but also can eliminate hydrops.
Fuyan pill has one guiding drug which can make all other herbs focus on one position, thus, curative effect of this pill can be enhanced, and treating time also can be reduced. The function of promoting blood circulation also can enhance curative effect and improving immunity system.
Some hydrosalpinx women may won't experience no symptoms, but some may experience pain on lower abdominal area. If women take surgery to make their Fallopian tubes unblocked, they not only need to take antibiotics, but also pain killer. But if women take fuyan pill, this is the only pill they have to take, because fuyan pill also has the function of releasing pain.
Fuyan pill is an amazing pill but also a natural pill. This pill has no drug resistance and also won't bring side-effect to liver and kidney. Women with hydrosalpinx can cure it with fuyan pill within three months.
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