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What should women do if having one Fallopian tube blocked?
I believe that every woman with blocked Fallopian tubes knows that tubal blockage is the major cause of infertility because this disease stops egg and sperm to meet. Recently, many patients with one Fallopian tube blocked ask questions like: can I get pregnant with one unblocked Fallopian tube? How to cure the blocked Fallopian tubes? Is it safe if I don’t cure this disease?
“As for the first question, the answer is yes,” Dr. Lee who is the chief doctor from Wuhan Dr. Lee’s TCM clinic tells us. According to Dr. Lee, woman has two ovaries, but only one ovary ovulates every month. Next time, the other ovary will ovulate. Thus, if one has one Fallopian tube blocked, she still has the chance of getting pregnant, but the success rate is lower than women with two Fallopian tube unblocked.
Many women don’t choose to cure for one tubal blockage, because they still can get pregnant through the natural way, but they don’t know that untreated tubal blockage is dangerous for women. As you may know that one tubal blockage commonly is caused by chronic infection, so, the other tube also can be affected, having blockage. What’s more, ectopic pregnancy is another consequence of blocked tube, because if the blockage only allows sperm to pass, the fertilized egg has to implant in Fallopian tubes.
It is easy for women with ectopic pregnancy have their blocked tube removed because of heavy bleeding on Fallopian tube. Sometimes, it also is a life threat disease. This disease should be paid much attention, because the chance for women who have had ectopic pregnancy before is higher than those women who don’t. 
To cure this disease, patients can take fuyan pill as a cure. Dr. Lee told me that although tubal blockage also can be cured by HSG, infection after surgery and high relapse still are threats. If taking fuyan pill, there is no need to worry about infection after surgery. What’s more, TCM is a medical system that famous for its nature treatment and low relapse. Generally speaking, Fallopian tube blockage on one tube or both tubes can be cured within three months.
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