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Three Chinese food therapies for hydrosalpinx patients
Chinese food therapy (also known as dietary therapy and nutrition therapy) is not only effective in health maintenance, but also efficacious in releasing some diseases symptoms. And as hydrosalpinx is one of the mose common gynecological diseases, there are many Chinese food therapies for it. In this article, the author mainly sums up three dietary therapies.
The first dietary therapy: 500 grams of fresh lotus root, 60 grams of black fungus and 1 duck. 
Wash the lotus root first and slice them. Then soak the black fungus in warm water, and clean them carefully. Thirdly wash the duck and boil it. Don’t forget to add moderate ginger and rice wine. When the soup is about to be cooked, pour the lotus root and black fungus into the soup. After boiled, add right amount of refined salt and chicken powder. 
The main effects of this soup are tonifying qi, dredging collaterals, nourishing Yin and eliminating heat. It can adjust the menstrual cycle, and ease the hydrosalpinx.
The second dietary therapy: 100 grams of sow thistle, 20 grams of lonicera japonica, 25 grams of dandelion, and 200 grams of green radish (slice them). 
Decoct the above four raw materials, and eat the green radish and soup after filtering the medicines. 
Its main function is clearing heat and detoxifying. It has certain effect in improving the tubal fluid and releasing symptoms like fever, abdominal pain, abnormal vaginal discharge, and so on.
The third dietary therapy: 20 grams of wax gourd seeds kernel, 20 grams of honeysuckle, 2 grams of rhizoma coptidis and 50 grams of honey. 
Fry the honeysuckle first, and keep the juice by eliminating the slag. Then decoct the gourd seeds kernel with this juice. After 15 minutes, add rhizoma coptidis and honey. 
Its main efficacy is also heat-clearing and detoxifying. It works in relieving lower abdominal pain, and regulating abnormal vaginal secretions. 

All in all, Chinese food therapies do have certain effect for the hydrosalpinx patients, but to be completely cured, aggressive treatment is necessary. Patients can take traditional Chinese medicine  Fuyan Pill
Fuyan Pill can remove the tissue lesions and promote the absorption and exclusion of tubal mucosa cell secretions, thus effectively eliminating the symptoms of hydrosalpinx. In addition, it is natural, safe, and without any side effects.

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