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A brief introduction of gynecological knowledge: hydrotubation to unblock fallopian tubes
Many female friends heard about hydrotubation, but they usually do not familiar with it. Actually, hydrotubation is a measure to determine for the tubal occlusion in the early stage. And with the factor of large error, it has been replaced by HSG examination.
What is the hydrotubation?
Hydrotubation is a method that transfuses the methylene blue or saline from cervix into the uterine cavity. When it flows into the fallopian tube, we then can make a diagnosis of tubal occlusion according to the resistive force and reflux of the injection liquid. At the same time, with a certain pressure of the liquid, the obstruction then can be restored.  
The hazard of hydrotubation
Since the whole process of the surgery is mainly rely on manual operation, so it is totally judged based solely on subjective feeling. As we all know, different doctor has different strength while different patient with different physique, uterine volume and tolerance of pain, then it is not the properly way to determine whether the tubal is blocked. And this way of treatment also with a high rate of misdiagnosis.
The side effects of repeated hydrotubation
1. A repeated hydrotubation may damage the motility of fallopian tube and swing capability of cilia, resulting in the occurrence of ectopic pregnancy and some other conditions. 
2. Each time of hydrotubation will increases the chance of infection. Especially under poor sterile conditions, some patients with little serious of blockage can be further aggravated.
3. Only one time of hydrotubation cannot check out the disease exactly, so if one chooses this way to treat the disease, the repeated surgeries is needed. But these repeated actions can easily cause the hydrosalpinx eventually. 
4. As the fallopian tube is thin, the repeated hydrotubation may finally lead to the break of fallopian tubes. 
In addition, when take this surgery, many patients may be muscle tension and cause the tubal spasm, which make the surgery failure. So for most patients, it is not the most proper way. 
Fuyan pill treatment
The symptoms of the patients are the increased and abnormal leucorrhea and so on,and it belongs to the category of leukorrhagia in TCM. Then in the treatment, fuyan pill focus on nourishing spleen, clearing heat and dampness and promoting blood circulation, which can eliminate inflammation and dredging fallopian tubes in a short time.

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